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New Moto X Pure Edition

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Re: New Moto X Pure Edition

we got 4gLTE here in Seattle last Feb or so......but I'm a not gonna wait for these slugs to pull their heads outta their rectum and decide they made a mistake and need to add the new Moto X to the lineup.......the company has gone to the thinks its got one got in the grave and another on a nanner peel! I'm not putting up with this steer manure!


Re: New Moto X Pure Edition

Maybe if enough people sign this they'll change their minds.


Re: New Moto X Pure Edition

The pure edition isn't Sprint Comparable, that's why i foolishly took the "free" gs5s from sprint. They are so full of bloatware that they crash repeatedly, if they were truely free I still would feel cheated. GARBAGE. Back to the Nexus 5 for me.


Re: New Moto X Pure Edition,

- Regina
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