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Nextel (i880) Automatically Resizes MMS/Picture Messages?


Nextel (i880) Automatically Resizes MMS/Picture Messages?

Sorry if this has been asked before. I searched and couldn't find any topics about it. Anyway, I had a question about receiving picture messages on my i880. Someone could send me a message, and the picture will be 73kb. When I open it up and save it, the pictures are resized to usually 176*132 and are only 2 - 5kb in size. Why is this? If I send someone else a picture it usually has to be 80kb or smaller, but they receive it in it's original size. Is the resizing done by the Nextel network or is it done by my i880? I plan on switching to a 8350i very soon, hopefully it can receive pictures in their original size. Help will be greatly appreciated.

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