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Photon 4g what is Sprint going to do?


Photon 4g what is Sprint going to do?

Ok as someone that purchased a Photon 4g back at the end of October 2011, and was told by the Sprint Sales representitive when I purchased the phone that I would be getting a Android 4.0 ICS upgrade soon and 18 months of Software Upgrades to my device because both Sprint and Motorola were members of the Android Update Alliance. 

This apparently is never going to happen.  Motorola has officially said now they will not be releasing a ICS for the Photon 4g.  I would like to know what Sprint is going to do about this issue because people were lied too by Sprint Sales Representitives when they purchased this cellphone from Sprint.  Being locked into a contract for another year with a cellphone that will no longer getting any support and that just got a software patch released more than a year late to Gingerbread Android version 2.3.5 is not what was promised to people that purchased this phone.  On top of all that the latest software patch to a more than a year old version of Android software carrier locked the bootloader so Custom software would be impossible to load on the Photon 4g; making the phone even more useless for those that need the security features of Andoid 4.0 ICS which we were promised when we purchased the phone.

This is both a failure by Motorola and Sprint.  Sprint straight out lied to people purchasing this phone in the fall of 2011.  On top of that they will not let people out of there contract or offer a early upgrade option on this phone.  We can sell back the phone to sprint for $63.00 but still have to pay a $225 early termination fee or $225 early upgrade fee if you decide to stay with sprint and purchase a new phone and sign another 2 year contract; when we were lied too when we purchased this phone?

I would like to know if Sprint is going to resolve the issue of Sprint sales lieing to people back in the Fall 2011 to sell this phone and contracts; as far as I am concerned Sprint been in Beach of Contract because of those promises made by the Sprint Sales people, and by Sprint Corporate and Motorola who publically joined the Android Update Alliance and haven't honored what they promised by doing so.

In my opinion Sprint should at minimum waive any ETF or Early Upgrade Fees on top of purchasing the Photon 4G back at whatever current market value it is worth.  If Sprint truly wanted to make their customer's happy on the other hand they would just swap the phone out with a equivalent or better phone that is supported.  A HTC EVO 4G is not a equivalent phone to the photon 4g and is actually a device that is more than a year older than a photon 4g and is not a dual core; not to mention has half the ram and storage memory. 

I have been a sprint customer for over 12 years and this issue is seriously making me think I need to persue arbitration, small claims or other legal avenues to get this resolved and possibly look for another carrier.

Will Sprint Customer Service Help?


So it's Motorolas fault, but yet you want Sprint to fix it? The "Android Update Alliance" is dead. ICS is on like 5% of Androids, its not just your Photon. I get that your upset, seeing as how you feel you were "duped" into the phone, but lets be real here. It's the nature of the beast, you want a Android, well it's up to the manufacture to develop the OS for the specific models. It's not Sprint's job, its not Androids. You want updates that are consitestant across the board? Buy an

I Phone. You look on the all these diff boards and its all the same, people want the lastest os for their phone....not gonna happen. if you want ICS on your Photon, I suggest you unlock the bootloader and flash a rom onto it, and yes it can be done.


Ok so you are saying Sprint isn't at fault at all?  Sprints salespeople fraudulently sold me the Photon 4g with the promise that it would be upgraded to Android ICS OS!  ICS was already released when I purchased this phone.

Sprint Sales is who mentioned the "Android Update Alliance" and Sprint was also part of the "Android Update Alliance."

I would look into unlocking my bootloader but no RIGHT NOW IT IS NOT POSSIBLE for people that have the latest 2.3.5 ROM that Sprint released in July....Sprint locked down the bootloader entirely with the latest release; most likely in preparation for this issue 2 months later.  Motorola won't unlock the bootloader according to CNET article response because

CNET Article:


"Soni said Motorola supports unlockable bootloaders -- but that in some instances, the company is facing concerns from the carriers. When those concerns are assuaged, it will gladly provide the bootloaders to individuals, he said."

Motorola is also offering $100 trade in credit at the following link...that is correct!



I am holding both partys SPRINT & MOTOROLA responsible for this issue;  Sprint fraudulently lied to customers with promises they couldn't keep when phones were purchased.  Sprint also failed to keep Motorola to their word... AND SPRINT is the one that released the 2.3.5 UPDATE that locked people out from the bootloaders entirely.

So your saying Sprint is not at fault at all? Really?


It doesn't really matter what EITHER of you say.  All that matters is what a JUDGE says in court.  Until those decisions are pushed -and begin to return results, it's all just a lot of worthless talk.


well i am having been waiting for the ICS update promise from Moto.  Now they are not going to do that well since photon 4g is a sprint phone why does sprint find out why that phone cant get a update details that would make customers happy?   Moto says that cant unlock the bootloader because of sprin, so if sprint said ok unlock the bootloaders would moto any do that?  Android Update Alliance well since moto is owner by google now they can break all the rules right ?

So if they can break the rules now and makes you think they will not do it again.  Google might have brought them , but i think this is going to be correct in what larry page said about turning into there only worst emeny. 

I have been with sprint for a long time.

I would feel much better if sprint got the reason why that there phone photon 4g on there network is not getting the update also that would show that there employees that said they are getting the update reason to say sorry i turely believe it was going to help we (sprint) found out why .


Why are your links going to a webmail login for microsoft outlook web access?


Because he is probably copying them out of an email.



Microsnort can be a real PITA.


well because i email them to myself, but then i was thinking i should post them here too sorry about


You all crack me up, talking about pursuing legal action because the Photon isn't gonna get ICS. What do you all want Sprint to do? Give you Galaxy SIII's? Iphone 5's? The "Android Update Alliance" is something that Google came up with at a I/O conference. http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2397729,00.asp

It's not some conspiracy against only Photon owners. So Sprint did exactly what every other carrier did, for whatever reason it didnt happen and now .000001% of Sprints customer base who owns a Photon is up in arms cause their not gonna get ICS......GET A GRIP PEOPLE.


wow jagmanbrg so we want ICS for our phones as promise, what is wrong with asking what sprint is going to do about ?

what kind of phone do you have a SG 3 or Iphone 5 lol

Yes google came up with the Alliance and google owns motorola mobilty so why not get the update to ICS?



I have the Photon Q actually, and had the Photon before...:)

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