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Text entry options


Text entry options

does anyone know how to change from Uppercase to lower case when entering text on my Motorola Debut i856?  I am having problems when signing into websites that are case sensitive.  when entering text on this phone the first letter is always upper case. i want lower case. Help!!!


Re: Text entry options

Hi, Kris.  You have me kind of stumped on this one.  With Motorola iDEN, changing from lower case to upper case, to caps lock, then back to lower case, is as simple as pressing and holding the "#" key on the lower right of the keypad.  However, you specifically mention Web browsing.  I messed around for about 10 minutes on my i335 (same OS as your i856), and what I found is pretty much the same thing works in Web browsing.  However, that doesn't help you with your problem.  Under the Help --> FAQ, it states the default setting is the so-called sentence case, where the first letter is upper case, with subsequent letters being lower case.  I could not find anywhere it says how to change the default setting.

The only thing I can suggest is type the first two letters, then go back one with your D-pad, then use the "*" Back key to erase the first capitalized letter, then go on.  For example, you want to enter "www."  Press w, w; you'll get Ww; press left on the D-pad, press "*" Back, then D-pad right once, then press w,w.

Sorry I couldn't come up with a more long-term solution for ya'.


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