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Well, now there's an i886 coming to iDEN...

Well, now there's an i886 coming to iDEN...

Just looked at the FCC list of submitted patents for new handsets, and Motorola submitted 2 of of them for the i886.

Now here's the question, will the i886 come out BEFORE the i1 is launched for the post-paid iDEN folks like myself?  If it does launch before the i1 comes to post-paid iDEN, then Sprint management should SERIOUSLY be fired!  PERIOD!  No exceptions.  Ok...with that said...this does NOT appear to be anything special....just a possible replacement for the i880 or i876.  Just your standard iDEN flip with Bluetooth.  I'd say it's an entry level iDEN, but that's just me.  We'll have to wait and see how the handset looks.

Source: OET List Exhibits Report

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