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Wrong SPC Code, what shall I do?


Wrong SPC Code, what shall I do?

Good morning, anyone have ideas as to how to activate a previously ownerd Motorola Q9?  I followed the directions on the Sprint My Account page, tried to do the reset using Sprint's directions (##786 then the activation code they gave me) but all I get is wrong SPC code. 

Sprint Employee

Wrong SPC Code, what shall I do?

Hello JANEZARATE1, depending on your phone's history you SPC could be several things, first I'll mention that if your SPC does not match our records you will not be able to update your PRL, or profile over the air, which will likely cause problems getting web setup for you. I may suggest trying 000000, 123456, 111111, 222222, ...Etc. you may want to consult with the previous owner of phone an inquire as to how you can change the SPC back to what it should be to prevent future difficulties.

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