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ic902/Settings/Quick Flip Button


ic902/Settings/Quick Flip Button

Status light will not blink on the quick flip button when set to on.


Re: ic902/Settings/Quick Flip Button



Re: ic902/Settings/Quick Flip Button

But seriously EB.... My 902's status light will sometimes stay on after taking off charge, I just plug it back in then unplug it, and it goes away. I never had or heard of a problem with it not working.

If you figure out what was wrong, let us know.



Re: ic902/Settings/Quick Flip Button

Or like what happens to mine sometimes when i get a voicemail and have read it, the status light shjould go dosen`t, the fix i`ve found for it? Just go into MENU>SETTINGS/TOOLS>SETTINGS>display and find the setting for the status light, set that to off, then back to on, works every time to kinda "reset" the light from the "stuck-in-on" state it`s in. N9NRA P.S. Just trying to keep my IC902 going till i can do a proper switch to the really nifty I580 IDEN unit i have (again, thanx to will and lon...sorry for the brag ), the last attempt to swap out to that unit was "aborted after launch" after the swap got stuck. Not cool.

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