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Sprint Product Ambassador: Comfort Buds


I will admit that when I first got my Moto Buds I was on the fence about the comfort level, but this soon changed.

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Maybe it is that I have a big neck, im not sure, but at first it seemed a little tight, but after a couple of days it grew on me. Now i actually prefer it. the fit of the Moto buds are snug, not tight, just snug (I still cannot tell that they are on). this actually is a benefit and I will tell you why. Unlike other Bluetooth neck headsets this one does not slide around or fall off like the others I have tried. I can jump around, walk, drive, Etc. without having to worry about my headset falling off my neck. This makes the Moto Buds great for things like jogging or working out as well.

I use my Buds mainly for work, but they are so comfortable for me, that i normally just wear them throughout the day. I can do anything in them and they do not grow uncomfortable, or anything! The fit is perfect and the comfort is superb!

Your Product Ambassador Team!

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