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Sprint Product Ambassador: Final Thoughts Motorola Buds



Its been a fun few weeks and these headsets really grew on me. In one of my other blogs I stated that I am not really a fan of BT headsets, nothing against them just never really got into using them. However, I love these

Moto Buds, I use them daily and they are really convenient, especially when driving. The battery life on them is phenomenal. I've only charged them two times since I've received them, right around 3-3/12 weeks ago. The call quality is clear and I've never experienced an issue where I couldn't make out what the person on the other end was saying even in a loud environments. I would say that one of my complaints is that music thru these aren't the best in the world its not bad but it could be better. all in all they do a great job and are easy to use.

Check out some of the user reviews over at Engadget as well as the full review at Android Central

Motorola Buds Wireless Headphones review - Engadget


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