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Sprint Product Ambassador: Moto Buds Overview


Overall the Moto Buds have been a great headset. Let me just briefly go over a few things as I close my reviews on this great Bluetooth headset.

1. The Range: As I said in my first review, the 150 range is just incredible. It comes in very handy when I have my heaset hooked up to my laptop and I need to walk into the other room or another office. Walls and range is no longer a factor!

2. The battery: Since I use my headset for work, I use it for many hours. 10+ hours per day of constant use. On top of that, I never need to charge it really. I charge it before I go to bed, just to ensure that I have full battery for the next day of work.

3. The comfort: My last review I went more into detail of the comfort. I really enjoy the fact that the headset does not move around or slide off my neck when I am using it. This is a HUGE plus for me.

4. The Looks: I would say that the looks could be a bit better, but not horrible. Most people do not notice I have one on (Especially when I am wearing a black shirt)

Overall i really have no big complaints about this device. I have been very pleased with it and will continue to use it in my day to day work and in my personal time.

Your Product Ambassador Team

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