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Sprint Product Ambassadors: Great Battery Life on the Moto Buds



Stellar. That is the word I would use to describe the battery life on the Moto Buds. I have used several

bluetooth wireless headsets from multiple brands, and I have found that these have the best battery life.

The advertised battery life on the headphones are "up to 10 hours", but I use them all day, 2 days at a

time, and I do not get to low battery until the very end of the second day. I will admit that some of the use

is sporadic; I will wake up, put them on and listen to music while I walk the dog, cook breakfast, eat, do

any necessary...biological functions...and I will keep them on while I do errands, until I have to get ready

for work (I work 3pm-11pm). Then I put them right back on when I get to work, and keep them on for

most of my shift.

The mixture of a brand new (unused) battery, both my phone and headphones supporting newer bluetooth tech,

and my semi-sporadic use allow me to get around 2 days worth of audio bliss from these things. How about

you? Are you seeing battery life as good as I am?

Disclaimer: The Product Ambassadors are Sprint employees from many different parts of the company that love technology. They volunteer to test out all sorts of Sprint devices and offer opinions freely to the Community. Each Product Ambassador shares their own opinions of these devices, therefore the information in this post does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Sprint. The PA's do not represent the company in an official way, and should not be expected to respond to Community members in an official capacity. sprintemployee