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Why you should get the Buds


Do you want to be free from wires and cables? Do you want a great sound? Do you want a device lasts all day long with a minimal amount of time to charge? If your answer to these questions are a yes, then Motorola has brought forth the BUDS.

The Buds are a great device for those who want freedom and the shackles of cables and wires. When I used to have headphones, the common occurrence would be me getting up from my desk and whoa a big tug from my ears and the cable being disconnected from the phone or audio device. With the buds, this is no longer the issue. You have full free range of motion, your phone can be 50 ft away with no issues. No longer will you be tied to a location, the phone and the listening device do not need to be in the exact same spot.

The Buds last for an average of 11 hours, I normally charge the set ever 2 days. This is ofcourse because I am a heavy user of the set. The average charge time for me is about an hour. The buds feel great when running or as I use it to shoot hoops in my driveway. Since the weight of the device is in the back, it does not flop around unlike other headsets such as the LG Tones. It is a great access for people who need something to excercise with, because it does not need to be plugged it there wont be any restrictions.


Stan George

Sprint Launch Ambassador team.