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Did Photon update today, now suddenly my WiFi is unavailable, marked "error", what to do?


Did Photon update today, now suddenly my WiFi is unavailable, marked "error", what to do?

I'm out of the country, and relying on WiFi to get internet access.  I was prompted to do an update to Photon system version 45.2.5MB855.Sprint.en.US, which I did.  Immediately after it rebooted, I was unable to turn on WiFi.  I just get a message of "error."  How can I fix this ASAP?

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Re: Did Photon update today, now suddenly my WiFi is unavailable, marked "error", what to do?


I'm sorry you're experiencing issues with the Photon after the update. It looks like some others are experiencing this issue too and it appears to be related to the fact you're roaming/outside of US when receiving the update. I found a good thread about this on Motorola's support forum and it has a few different suggestions that seems to work for different people. I'm going to post a couple below and also linking the thread so you can keep up with the newest post. As always though, if none of this works, I would suggest possibly trying a hard reset after backing up all your contacts, pictures, applications, text/call history.

Suggestion 1:

  • Turn airplane mode on, restart phone, connect wifi, step outside of wifi range, turn airplane off, now you should be able to connect.

Suggestion 2:

  • Copying exact quote from thread, "Issue may be related to Sprint Zone trying to update or activate... This app might have priority spot due to an attempt to activate it. Wifi cannot be enabled in this situation. Go into Sprint Zones app and try to update the content, etc. It will fail. When it fails, Sprint Zones should release the priority spot allowing the WiFI to work. Menu > Sprint Zones > Menu (4 boxes) > Refresh > Then do Menu (4 Boxes) > Settings > Others > Set Update Frequency > Only on startup"

Suggestion 3:

  • Pull battery with the device being on, restart like normal test. If that doesn't work, plug into power cord and pull battery and then turn back on. (This suggestion came from someone who stated it may have just cleared itself up after two days but he wasn't sure)
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