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Duplicating Contacts....CRAP!!!!

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Duplicating Contacts....CRAP!!!!

hi, is anyone have trouble with there contacts being duplicated for no known reason, and when you go to and sign in to the google account that your phone is tied to, there are no contacts in there to show that its syncing with it. plus it seems to have deleted some important numbers, it seems as though this only happens when you activate the phone to a gmail account.


Duplicating Contacts....CRAP!!!!

Duplicating contacts seems to be an android issue.  I have seen it discussed in many forums.  you might try a keyword search in the EVO 4g forum.  Hope this helps, Rick


Duplicating Contacts....CRAP!!!!

I checked the Photon out of our phone library to test and verify all the steps.  This is the solution to get your contacts to your gmail account and also delete duplicates:

1. Save contacts to storage card. (contacts/menu/import export/export to SD card)

2. Factory reset the phone. (home/menu/settings/privacy/factory data reset)  This will return your phone to like new with no applications installed.

3.  Setup your gmail account.

4. Import contacts from SD card to your phone's address book & Gmail at the same time. (contacts/menu/import export/import/SD card)

5. Log into your Gmail account on a computer and run the delete/merge duplicate contacts option.

You'll have your contacts and all future added contacts saved to your Gmail account for backup.  You'll get rid of the duplications on your phone's address book.  You'll also have a backup copy of contacts saved to your storage card.



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