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Headset microphone gain adjustment...


Headset microphone gain adjustment...

I'm not sure if anyone else is having this problem so I thought it best to put it out there for others to comment. I have a brand new Photon and when using the headset to make calls the sound for the receiving party is absolutely horrible in that the microphones gain sensitivity is so great it will pick up any background noice and amplify it tremendously. I haven't found any gain adjustment to remedy the situation and it apparently makes no difference what brand or type headset is used. It amplifies way too much. If anyone knows of an app that allows adjustment of gain sensitivity I would appreciate being headed in that direction. If Sprint is able to contact Motorola and inquire about a possible update allowing control over mic gain would be great too. If anyone else is suffering the same problem let's get together and see what can be done to correct the problem. Thanks...

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