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Here is what MOTOROLA said about updating the Android OS on the PHOTON 4G


Here is what MOTOROLA said about updating the Android OS on the PHOTON 4G

Nick: Hi, my name is Nick. How may I help you?
Tom Evans: Hi Nick.  I am wondering if/when the new ANDROID OS will be getting pushed to the PHOTON 4G?
Nick: I'll be more than happy to help you on that subject Tom.
Tom Evans: Ok
Nick: Now the Photon 4G has actually already been announced to remain on Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). Nevertheless we will still continue to push software maintenance releases to ensure the optimum performance of the phone.
Tom Evans: The reason that I am asking is because recently both of the PHOTON 4G phones that I have through SPRINT have been having issues connecting/receiving phone calls
Tom Evans: Why is the PHOTON 4G not going to be getting the newest ANDROID OS?
Tom Evans: I haven't gotten any "new software maintenance releases" on either phone since July/August 2012
Nick: I realize you and others were looking forward to an upgrade.  We ourselves are disappointed that new software developed did not meet our performance standards. The existing hardware device was optimized for Android 2.3.  After months of testing several versions of the new software it was determined that our performance standards were not being met.
Tom Evans: So basically what you are saying is that everyone (myself included) are just going to have to deal with having problems with the phone and software?
Tom Evans: Or pay outrageous amounts of money to SPRINT to upgrade the phone to something else
Nick: I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues Tom. What issues exactly are you having>?
Tom Evans: I have been having trouble getting the phones to make/receive phone calls, send/receive txt messages, apps being force closed
Nick: I’m sorry to hear that. By any chance, can you tell if the issue only started after you installed some new apps, or maybe after you received a software update?
Tom Evans: Those are just a few of the problems I have been having recently.  The biggest problem is the phone calls
Tom Evans: Not after installing new apps.  I haven't seen any new software updates since getting ANDROID 2.3.5 in July/August 2012
Nick: I see. If you would consider it Tom, I would recommend that we proceed with doing a factory reset on your phone. If this is in any way a software issue, the factory reset should resolve it.
Nick: About the reset though, as doing it on your phone will revert it back to the default factory settings, it will entail the phone being wiped of all your personal information like contacts, messages and downloaded apps. Would you be willing to try it?
Tom Evans: Why would I need to do a factory reset on the phone?  That will just cause the phone to go back to the way it was when it left the factory.  I really don't see how that will fix the issues that I am having?
Tom Evans: I really don't think that doing that will help.  I work on computers and a factory reset may not do anything but possibly mess the phone up further
Nick: If the phone has, at some point before, worked without connectivity issues and crashing apps, then there is a good chance that the issue is being caused by content on your phone that did not come preinstalled with it. In other words, there might be 3rd party content present in the phone that is not be completely compatible with the phone's system or maybe even virus infection. To get ahead, I understand there are applications in the Play Store that claim to take care of viruses, but these will not take care of the issue if it is being caused by non-virus content (such as 3rd party app, files, etc.) that is just not compatible with the phone. This is why we recommend doing a factory reset.
Tom Evans: This has been a hit or miss issue ever since getting 2.3.5
Tom Evans: It just really started to become a major issue the past 3 weeks
Tom Evans: I have already contacted SPRINT about this issue and they have ensured, and even forced updates from their end, that my phone has all the needed updates from SPRINT
Nick: I’m sorry you are not considering a reset. This is actually about the most we can recommend just as far as troubleshooting is concerned. If you would consider, the Photon is actually one of the devices eligible for our Jelly Bean trade-up program. You can go to for more information on this program Tom.
Tom Evans: I know about the trade up program.  I have to spend $500+ on a new phone then send MOTOROLA my old phone plus a copy of the UPC and purchase receipt and then wait 6 - 8 weeks to get up to a $100 prepaid VISA gift card in the mail
Tom Evans: Not to sound rude, but this is not a very good business practice from MOTOROLA.  The company appears to be willing to push the new updated OS software to every phone except the PHOTON 4G
Nick: I understand your argument but that is not the case. As previously mentioned, we have tried to develop Android 4.0 for several other older models such as the Atrix, and the Droid X2 aside from the Photon, but found the phone’s specifications will not be able to run ICS well.
Tom Evans: I also don't see how giving someone a $100 gift card after spending $500 on the phone to begin with
Tom Evans: The PHOTON 4G has a dual core processor and 8 Gb of ram and it won't support ICS?
Tom Evans: That don't seem right to me at all
Nick: I truly do apologize if you’re not convinced with the information I am providing you Tom. Is there anything else at all I can assist you with today? Unless you are willing to try any troubleshooting step there is really nothing else we can do here.
Tom Evans: No, there is nothing else

Nick: I do so hope you consider the troubleshooting steps we advise. If you need any more information get in touch. Thanks from Motorola, bye!

Not what a customer expects to hear directly from the company that makes thier cell phone.

When my phones are eligible for upgrade I will definitely not be getting another MOTOROLA phone.


"I work on computers and a factory reset may not do anything but possibly mess the phone up further"

Aaaaand you lose any and all credibility.

"The PHOTON 4G has a dual core processor and 8 Gb of ram and it won't support ICS?
That don't seem right to me at all"

Well if you had any credibility at that point you would have lost it again. First, the phone does not have 8 GB of RAM. It has 8 GB of ROM. Second, there is far more to making an OS run on a phone than the advertized specs. Do you know what propietary parts (audio chip, wifi chip, bluetooth chip, etc) the phone may use? Do you know if the company that made those parts has developed drivers for the newer version(s) of android and wether or not they have released those drivers to Motorola?


Still doesn't address the issue that the ICS upgrade was made a selling point.  Bottom right corner- "COMING SOON! Motorola Photon 4G upgrade to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich!". This constitutes false advertising at best and fraud at worst.



Took some time but just won a small claims law suit against Motorola and Sprint for $2,400. If every one did this maybe they'd take some notice and we'd not get screwed by the big guys.  Cost me $35.  Not a bad ROI.

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