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How to sync deleted emails on w/ Photon


How to sync deleted emails on w/ Photon

I just converted my MS acct to (since hotmail will be eliminated eventually).  On my Photon, I set up the new account on Windows Hotmail Live, and everything seemed to work fine.

But when I delete an email from my Photon Inbox, the email is still in my Inbox on online.

Does anyone know how to sync deleted emails from the smartphone, so it'll move that item to the deleted folder on online, just like Hotmail did?  Or is this a quirky issue Microsoft has to fix?



Hello.  It can be a setting in the email application.  Each domain (email provider) that loads to an Android's email application will have varying settings based on the providers specifications.  Try going to your inbox - Menu - Settings.  This feature is typically labelled "Delete mail from the server when I delete mail on my phone." 

Unfortunately, I cannot tell you which settings will be available as I do know have a hotmail account.  If you have trouble finding settings, you can private message me by clicking on my avatar.  


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