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Increase 3G Speeds (4G?)


Increase 3G Speeds (4G?)

Sorry if this has been posted before, but I'm new to the Photon and couldn't find this in earlier threads.  I do not have 4G in my area, so I do not know if this will work with 4G.

Go to Settings>Wireless & networks>Mobile Networks>Network Mode

Select "Automatic" ("Any CDMA" is the default) and reboot your phone.

My 3G speeds more than doubled.  There are additional steps you can take to increase the speeds even further.  Go to XDA forums in the Photon General Section and read the "[FIX] Possible Faster 3G Speeds - YMMV"  post.


Re: Increase 3G Speeds (4G?)


     Thanks for your post, changing that setting won't always change the tower your connecting to which explains why it doesn't improve speeds for everyone. Hopefully with network upgrades and the Network Vision rollout coming some of us will have improved 3G speeds!

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