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Not receiving text messages on time


Re: Not receiving text messages on time

I have the Motorola Photon 4g and we have been using the Samsung Sprint Airave for about three years.  Here is a detailed list of the problems I have been experiencing since I purchased the Photon 4g in April,  2011.

Problem #1:

When I first got the phone I was having no problems.  And then I noticed a few intermittent issues with the phone not receiving voice calls, voice mail messages and text messages.  No rhyme or reason as to why it was happening since everything showed a good connection on the phone, but rebooting fixed the issue.  Since the problem was very intermittent, I just dealt with it.

Problem #2:

Then, there was an update from Froyo to Gingerbread.  Hoping this was going to fix the intermittent problem, I eagerly performed the update.  Shortly after the install, I noticed a very odd problem with my text messages.  This problem was not only intermittent, but it was intermittently happening to different people in my contact list.  Some were Verizon users, some AT&T users and even some (although rare) were Sprint users.  Here is what happened.  I would open the text message option and type in the name of the person I wanted to text.  I entered my text and hit send.  As usual, the chat window would open but instead of looking at the message I just typed, I would see a blank chat window.  When I touched the "back arrow" I would see the list of chat conversations and there at the top was the message I just sent to my contact.  I waited for a response, but when I received it, instead of it attaching the message to the already started chat conversation, I would now have TWO chat conversations to the same person; one with my messages and the other held the responses from the person I was chatting with.  It did not happen to every message but once it started with one person, it did so for awhile and then it would just stop as quickly as it started.

I put up with the problem for some time and then about eight weeks ago, I called Sprint (Grant Communications) Service Center and they told me that a file was corrupted during my upgrade and that they would need to wipe the phone.  I backed everything up and let them wipe it, installing the latest version of Gingerbread.

Soon after the wipe, I noticed the text messages were splitting my chat conversations again but it wasn't with every text and I had a rather large convention I was involved with coming up in the next few days, so I just put up with it. Then, one day I noticed all my text messages were not going out even though I had a full connection. I tried to call someone and I could not get a phone call out.  I rebooted the phone and now I had three phone messages and ten text messages all with various times.  After the reboot, it worked fine for awhile except for the splitting of a conversation here or there.  Which leads me to the next problem.

Problem #3:

About three weeks ago we started having problems with the router in our home.  I noticed my phone and our computers (wired & wireless) could no longer connect to our router.  So, I went out and bought the Linksys E4200 v2.  Internet was flowing great, no problems on the Airave, computers or phones.  BUT, within a couple days, I started having issues with no WIFI signal, which I keep on all day since the Sprint 3g service is so slow.  Usually, it seemed to happen after a few hours of inactivity on the phone.  In the past, when I woke up in the morning, I would pick up my phone, check email, the weather, text messages, etc.  But, for some reason, my weather widget was not displaying any information.  It showed a picture of the Earth with N/A over the planet. I would touch the planet to be taken to the weather page only to see no information.  I tried refreshing the page only to receive a message stating no connection. I would look at the top of the phone and clearly my WIFI signal was very strong. I would then try to access Facebook or the Internet via the built in browser.  Still the same message, no Internet connection. I rebooted the phone and now it worked. At first I thought there was a problem with the new router but the computers and other phones in the house (even those on Sprint) were working.  Later that day, it did it again.  This time I turned on Airplane mode and turned it back off.  Immediately, I get email messages and CNN alerts.  The problem happens every day... definitely in the morning and usually more than once a day.

So, I took the phone BACK to Sprint on Wednesday, January 25, 2012 and told them that the phone had already been completely wiped about eight weeks ago and I would rather they not wipe it again unless they know for sure it is going to fix the problem.  I still have not setup all my ringers from the last wipe.  SO, I left it with them for five hours and when I came back they said they reset the network and cleared the cache.  I asked them what does that mean.  He told me he did not know.  I said did that fix the problem.  He said, yes. I said, well, how did they do that just in case it needs to be done again.  He said he did not know.  Frustrated, I said, ok, but if it happens again, I will be back.  Well, before I went to bed that night, my WIFI was yet again not working.  I haven't had the split text message issue but I have only been in four different text conversations.

I know this is more than just a text delay, but I am seeing not only the intermittent shut down of incoming voice/text, but other issues too.  I do own the Sprint Airave which I have had for about three years.  We have three people in the house all with different phones on the Sprint network and they are not experiencing any of these problems.  We also have two other people on the AT&T network and they are not experiencing ANY problems.

I bought the Motorola Photon 4g to replace the HTC EVO.  To be honest, I liked the EVO better, but it did not have enough internal storage.  I was constantly uninstalling apps to make room for another app I needed.  The Photon has plenty of space.. but if I wanted something just for the apps and not as a phone, I would buy a tablet.  I can upgrade my phone soon so I may switch to a new phone, but I don't really like the iPhone and I don't see any other Android phones that have the space I need.  I spent over $400 on this phone and I have all of the extras... I really don't want to get rid of it.. I just want it to work.  Unfortunately, I cannot get rid of the Airave; our home is definitely in a dead zone.  Granted, my daughter and her husband have no issues with their iPhone from AT&T, but anyone that has Sprint will see a serious drop in signal strength the moment they pull into our driveway or walk into our home without the Airwave.

I don't know if the phone is Photon related, Airave related, Sprint related or a combination of all three... what I do know is it has not done it with the other phones we have had in our house and I do not feel I should have to pay another $400 (or more) for a new phone.  Please investigate this issue.  Come out to my home and see what I see.  Sprint is definitely cheaper than many of the other services but how cheap is it if I am paying for a service that doesn't work?  I am thinking  fix this issue.  I have been thinking very seriously about just moving to AT&T; at least I know their service and phones work in my house.

Kim Huff
Indianapolis, Indiana


Re: Not receiving text messages on time

I've been actively working on this issue and trying to get as many examples of this as possible. After working on this I believe people are definitely experiencing issues, the problem is I don't believe that everyone is experiencing the same exact issue. A lot of the people I've received examples from have very similar if not the same type of symptoms but the root cause appears to be different. So far I've seen all kinds of examples of this such as:

Software issues being caused by third-party applications or if the device has not been properly updated to the latest firmware.

Network issues which includes tower outages, coverage issues, and even some that were able to be verified as issues on our end related to the specific line itself.

Hardware issues which were radio/power issues which were not isolated to the Motorola Photon but in general.

Network issues on originators end (not sprint)

There's a lot of information that I generally ask to begin looking into this such as:

  • How often it's happening?
  • Is it at one specific location or multiple locations if multiple how far apart are these locations; it could be a tower that's having an issue?
  • Is it one specific number or is it multiple numbers and if multiple numbers which carriers?
  • Are you using third-party software for your messaging application; if not do you still experience it when you do use third-party application?
  • Are you experiencing the issue at any particular time; only happening in afternoons or mornings?
  • Have you performed any troubleshooting; if so what exactly?
  • Have you been into a store to have the device hardware tested out for possible radio or battery issues?
  • Are you using an airave?
  • Is it only text or are other services impacted such as voice; if other services are impacted more than likely it's going to be network, tower, or coverage related.
  • Is it isolated to incoming only or is it outbound as well?

I understand that these issues are frustrating and I'm sorry you're experiencing issues. I would be glad to look into this if you would like to send me a private message.


Re: Not receiving text messages on time


You say you purchased the Photon in April, 2011?  That's odd because the phone did not go on sale until July 31st, 2011.  You say you had an update from Froyo to Gingerbread?  That's odd because the Photon was released from the factory with Gingerbread.  It never had Froyo.


Is it possible that the Photon is simply a buggy phone?  Sure there might be various causes for some of these problems but the one common denominator on all of this is the Photon.  Most people, including myself say these problems are exclusive to this phone and haven't had it happen on any other phone.  To pass it off and say it's general software and hardware problems not related specificly to the Photon would be a mistake in my opinion.  There's just too much evidence out there.  I believe there's something about the Photon that just doesn't jive well with the Sprint network, the Airave, certain apps, texts, wifi, etc and someone needs to figure out the root causes of what is triggering these issues.


Re: Not receiving text messages on time


To be honest, I could not remember when I purchased the Photon so  when I was at the store on Wednesday, I asked them and he said April.   So, I was going by what HE said.

However, you bring up a  good point about the Gingerbread and you really have me thinking now.   When I had my HTC EVO, I THINK, I had the splitting of the chat messages  and it may have been that instance I am remembering.  This is what I do  know.  I called them around Thanksgiving 2011 after an update (maybe it  was not to Gingerbread) after I started seeing the split chat thing.   They told me it was DEFINITELY a problem with a corrupt file and that it  would need to be completely wiped.. operating system and all.  Since I  was dealing with this convention that was going to start on the 9th, I  wasnt sure I could do without the phone.. but found some time in there  and let them work on it.  Keep in mind that I NEVER had the missed calls  or text messages on the HTC EVO.

I am really starting  to wonder if this all has to do with the darn Airave.  If so, then I  have a REAL issue.  We have no service in our house without the Airave.   I toggle between one bar and none.  I really do not want to switch to  AT&T... they are just too expensive, plus I have been with Sprint  for over 10 years.  But, what good is it for me to spent $180 for cell  phone service, if it doesn't work.  My dad and the kids keep telling me  to switch to the iPhone 4s and although I like the idea of Siri... that  is the only option on the iPhone I wish I had.

Thanks for posting this Larry.  As far as I can remember.. that is my recollection of how things went.


Re: Not receiving text messages on time

Kim, I think you are remembering the firmware update (not related to gingerbread).  As for the Airave do you have the original samsung or the version 2 with the black antenna?  I also had problems with both the original airave with the white antenna as well as the airvana.  But i finally tried the samsung version 2 airave and it has worked much better.  Picked one up on ebay new in box.


Re: Not receiving text messages on time


     I've yet to find a perfect phone, every phone on the market today has it's own "known issues" that are being looked into. If you were to Google delayed text messaging ______; replacing the blank with any device manufacturer such as Apple, HTC, Motorola, or Samsung just to name a few you're going to get several threads and post related to all different carriers and models of devices. The number of people actually reporting any issues with delayed text on the Motorola Photon is a very small percentage of the people who actually own the device; that doesn't mean it's not important to us but it does make it difficult in being able to identify if there is actually an issue. I understand completely what you're saying and I'm not saying that there is not an issue with Motorola Photon's, but what I am saying is that up until this point I've been unable to verify anything that would cause me to believe there is.


Re: Not receiving text messages on time


This is why I am wondering if it is Airave related.  Has anyone looked into this possibility?


Not receiving text messages on time


     There are current issues with text messaging on the Airave, primarily the more publicized duplicate text messaging issues but we do have a software update planned soon for the Airave that will hopefully resolve some issues, the last update we applied in November improved it but did not resolve fully. Which is why we would need to do a few things to gather more information such as testing texting off of the Airave to determine if it was isolated to the airave.


Re: Not receiving text messages on time


I think you are correct about the update.  I think the Gingerbread update was when I had the HTC.  It wasnt until you said the Photon shipped with Gingerbread that I remembered being relieved I did not have to do the update.

As for the Airave... I have no idea which one I have.  I can tell you it is white with a white antenna and it is made by Samsung.  I looked on the bottom and the model # is: SPDSC26UCS.

The thing I do not understand is I have two other Sprint phones, one is a Samsung Epic 4g Galaxy S and the HTC EVO Shift.  Neither of these phones has had any problems... but I would say that I utilize the phone considerably more than the other two owners.


Re: Not receiving text messages on time


I have been trying to remember if it has happened outside of the home and I want to say yes.. but to be honest... working from home.. I am usually on the Airave.

How is this upgrade done to the Airave?  You said the last one was in November... that is when I started having the problems again.  Keep in mind that my problem is not solely related to the texting but I also have this missing phone calls/texts issue.  I will say that in the last 12 hours, my WIFI has been working.  BUT, I did go in and change the settings so the battery mode was set to Performance mode so nothing turned off.  I have changed the settings back to customization, which is what I have had it set to since I bought the darn thing.  It will be interesting to see if I lose the WIFI connection again.

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