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Not receiving text messages on time


Re: Not receiving text messages on time

I just want to put it out there, i had the s4 and now the lg g4 and i have all the exact same problems on this thread with no hope for a fix


Re: Not receiving text messages on time

I have been having issues like this for the past 3 months in upstate new york. I kept talking to support and they always said it should be fixed in a few days (every time I talked to them) and promised that they would give me credit. The last time I talked to them they said there was no more issue, and offered me only $25 for the 3 months of crappy service. I would suggest everyone that is having an issue like this with their service to submit an FCC complaint since this is clearly unacceptable for them to degrade the service without any sort of notification to the customer. I submitted one and they refunded me a hefty amount of money.


Re: Not receiving text messages on time

Same issue here.

They are not responding to my question about an original date of the issue.  Looks like they were hoping to slip this little "tower issue" past all of us and hope no one realized their service is horrid.


Re: Not receiving text messages on time

Absolutely correct.  The problem is not with the phone, it's with Sprint's network.  I missed calls for about a month, went through a bunch of customer service people, and finally got to someone who told me the tower nearest me was being "upgraded", taking down the IDEN (Nextel) equipment and installing more CDMA (phone) and new LTE equipment.  While all this is going on, until JULY 19TH, I was going to have reduced coverage and service.  So essentially I'm hosed until they upgrde the tower, no matter what kind of phone I have. 

Once the tower reaches it's capacity of traffic, I can show a full signal and nothing will come to my phone, calls go right to voice mail.  I'm guessing it's the same deal with texts as well. 


Re: Not receiving text messages on time

It has nothing to do with taking the battery out or updating prl . sprint has towers down and its causing problems to any phone that has lte or or or 4g which makes no sense because we do not have towers for that yet so u think it would run off normal towers. I got my Evo lte on the 25 i think and i do not recieve calls from anybody when they have told me they have called me 10 to 15 times now this has been going on for weeks supposibly the towers are going to be fixed by the 14th but i was told last time it was the 8th i dont see how they have got rated good for customer service they have done nothing for my problem


Re: Not receiving text messages on time


I ran down to the local Sprint store yesterday.  After explaining the problem in detail, mentioning the threads on this forum and offering to help reproduce the problem to find the root cause, the guy told me that 'I should get in the habit of pulling my battery once a day.'  wow. (and my phone is in an otterbox which makes it more of a pain)

I'm not sure where to go from here...


Re: Not receiving text messages on time

Sturgeon General,

I agree... how can I have three phones not work.  That is why I stopped putting my data in the phone and just the stock phone as it comes to me after a fresh factory settings.  It was a pain to go around without putting in my contacts.. but I was desparate to figure out the issue.  After nearly 14 days... the phone starting missing calls and text messages again. 


I have heard of the EVO LTE and I have considered that one too.  Is it out now?


I too thought the issue was determined by either the provider or the phone .. but there was no rhyme or reason.  One day it would be AT&T phones and the next Verizon... I would say Sprint phones were the phones I noticed the least... maybe it is because some of the people I talk to the most are on other providers.  Either way, ditching the phone solved my problems.  Believe me I hated to do it... I bought all of the extras.. like the webtop device and the keyboard.


Re: Not receiving text messages on time

Wendal Smth The Sprint HTC EVO LTE  which is the htc  one has one important difference  It has a slot for the SD card


Re: Not receiving text messages on time

This problem is killing me.  It ruined my day today because I didn't receive replies in time.

I used to encounter it once a month or so but now it seems to be once a week.  Even with daily reboots I hit the problem.  When I suspect I'm not receving texts, I try to send one to myself.  Well this time I sent one to myself and it came through.  I even had a friend (who uses sprint) send me a text and it came through.  I decided to reboot anyway and the phone came up with no incoming messages.  So I thought maybe no one had replied all day.  But then after 20 minutes I got a flood of a dozen texts, some which were sent 6+ hours prior.  I think they were all from non-sprint Iphone users.  It is frustrating and embarrassing.


Re: Not receiving text messages on time

Like all of the people posting on the subject, I wouldn't want to lose my texting either so this subject caught my eye.

Mine works fine and I haven't had any such problems reported by any of my own contacts.

I seriously think you're all barking up the wrong tree and blaming the hardware for a software, operating system (configuration) error, or network problem.  Reading the threads regarding text problems makes that much apparent.  No one has come back and said that replacing the phone has solved the problem.  That they are "all broke" is an impossibility.

For those that have replaced units, it has just gotten them downgraded to a phone with an unknown history.

If I were you, I myself would use the forums and start looking among yourselves for the common thread that every tech or CSR you have talked to so far has not found by talking to only a limited number of users.  Outline the apps, the regions of the country, any common threads that bind the problem phones together.

The oldest threads I saw date back to June 09, and most Photons obviously work or the uproar would be far more public.

All the reports of phone change are that the phone has been replaced, it is the same user, NEW phone, no improvement.  That suggests to me something operating system (configuration), user, or network specific.  NOT phone.

Yet some post writers are demanding getting rid of the PHONE and that Motorola admit there is a problem with the PHONE.  No problem here.  I'm keeping mine.

The fact that some of you are even seeing the same problem over multiple phones suggests to me one of three causes:

1. Software - Android market software:  Does google play auto-download and re-synch software?

That would mean that you could never really "get rid" of software if it auto-restores to your phone once you are associated with the replacement phone.  If it automatically "recovers" your software library, you might have to outhink the system to keep it from downloading and "synchronizing" with the Google Android Apps system.

   What suggests to me that this is a possible problem:

        It takes time for apps to reload at phone reset/restart.  If the texts get through before the app starts, it could get past the block at startup while "the door' is still open until the software crashes or blocks the texting routine.

2. Operating system (config) - On any reset or new phone, you're going back in with the same operating system settings - one of which is possibly set wrong regarding push, battery power management, data retrieval, network, etc.

I like having my data "now" so as I read the manual for the first time, I immediately go looking for settings that get my data as often as possible and allow it to be pushed to the phone.  The only power save I use is to shut off my screen quickly.

          Check the settings for:

               Network mode:  SPRINT ONLY - maybe you are talking to a network that doesn't feed Sprint texting data?

               Data delivery and synch:  Enable everything you can find for email or not - shouldn't make a difference but we're not looking for "normal" here.  The idea is to get the thing communicating data on a regular basis to see if it wakes up the text messaging side also.  Don't spare the battery in terms of communication.  Let it talk.  Display -even dimmed- uses far more power anyhow.

3. Maybe your regional Sprint network is FUBARED and your account configuration isn't set up right, some component of the messaging servers isn't working properly (rare, but possible), or something along those lines has been done.

As an example, my last phone was a Nextel i686 and was on a corporate plan.

For what we were told was the "same" configuration among multiple employees using the same phone on the same plan, there were THREE distinct capabilities.  I had full text messaging and multimedia messaging service ability.  Another group was restricted to just texting, and a third had no data access at all.  We worked through a telecom management company and they swore up and down that we were all configured exactly the same.  Reality was far different.  That was a configuration issue as we did manage to get them all to eventually do text.  Mine was apparently "grandfathered" in on some other "no longer available" configuration that allowed MMS.

That convinced me that they (Our middlemen and/or Nextel) have serious issues with configuration access and internal system visibility and consistency.  Without seeing firsthand the system they use to program and configure from, I have a hard time being certain of where the problem lies.

Just like any modern business, you have people that know their stuff and those that are just faking it and will blow you off if they can't fix your problem by taking the easy way out.

Is there a common add-on application that you all have?  Are you all from the same region of the country?

Have you read the phone manual COMPLETELY and exhausted checking ALL of the data-push settings that need to be set to allow the phone to talk to the towers constantly for DATA?

If you are trying to save your battery, you may be shutting off the radio that needs to be ON in order to check your messaging server.

These are ALL questions that should already have been asked by tech support, but if you can't give complete or honest answers, then they cannot help you.

Think the way you would expect a tech to think.  At least here you have access to a larger pool of problem phones to narrow down the culprit.