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Photon 4G Debacle over EVDO- rev A and WiMax

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Photon 4G Debacle over EVDO- rev A and WiMax

I Have had my Photon 4G for some time now . I truely love the device except for the fact, for the life me, Im not able to figure out why my Phone refuses to use Wimax. I have tried the following things to get my device to use Wimax; (I have installed the Update and I have verified that it installed)

1) I performed a hard reset ( this does nothing but just that a restart of the phone and doesnt resolve the issue)

2) Ive tried updateing the PRL and Profile ( refreshes everything but does not resolve the issue)

3) I have performed a SCRTN and though this sounds fancy it did  not resolve the issue (yes it did factory reset the data)

4) I have tried tech support which walked me thru the above steps ( this still did not resolve the issue)

5) I have tried web searchs and though I found related issues to every other device about signal and to this device, it did not resolve the issue

6) I have performed a full factory restore, although i had to redo all my apps, email and contacts my phone is still stuck in evdo-rev a

7) by my zip code I have looked at the attenas in my area and should be getting Wimax, so no the answer isnt Wimax isnt in my area - my zip is 80231

8) And now Im trying here again to see if maybe outside of paying for a new device, or getting a refurb ( out of the question here) is my last option and no I WILL NEVER OWN A PHOTON Q (or any similar device) or an Iphone for any reason.

Any help or ideas would be apperciated as i have tired just about everything I can think of save switching out my rom as my phone isnt using 4g anyway so im not losing out there and if i have to repair this one im paying out of pocket anyway.

thanks in advanced.


Re: Photon 4G Debacle over EVDO- rev A and WiMax

it is a 4G LTE phone, and I think Sprint is shutting down the Wimax network so they can upgrade to 4G LTE service.

Unfortunately Sprint has a habbit of pumping out 4G divices without having the network to support them.


Re: Photon 4G Debacle over EVDO- rev A and WiMax

The photon 4g is not a lte phone, however the photon q is lte and denver is not anywhere near slated for a lte upgrade, thanks anyway.


Re: Photon 4G Debacle over EVDO- rev A and WiMax

When you turn on the WiMax are you getting any error messages?  When turned on does it show searching or obtaining IP ?  

The WiMax network will be supported until 2015


Re: Photon 4G Debacle over EVDO- rev A and WiMax

when i toggle 4G on my device itactually shows that it connects to 4G. The exact process that i see is the following,

scanning-> obtaining an ip address-> regersitering with network ( mac address and such) ->connecting->connected

However it still shows EVDO REV-A. Not Wimax under its network status.

I apperciate the comment about the dead line, i can see how that might help   others that are reading this post. I will upgrade to a LTE once sprint releases a more favorable phone to my needs (which they have yet to do). I have this device and plan to work on it not just replace it as others feel so rightly to do which is well with in there rights.

Outside of bantering back and forth about LTE over 4G and when it will be introduced to my area, i would enjoy assitance in resolveing the matter at hand. any further ideas or suggestions related to the device would be helpful



Re: Photon 4G Debacle over EVDO- rev A and WiMax

Judging from complexity of the list, you seem pretty tech savvy, but the glaring omissions I see are the most basic in terms of troubleshooting.

This process below is probably for anyone else that comes to this thread with the same problem you have, or you can humor me and see if you missed something.  (My Wimax works fine on the Omaha / Council Bluffs antennas when I am in range of them):

Items in bold are sub-settings or are important in terms of troubleshooting.

Items with a preceding -dash are primary button/settings for the step in the process.

For a fair test, go OUTSIDE in MULTIPLE different places that are theoretically covered by DIFFERENT Wimax 4g antennas.  Outside gets you away from structural shielding and signal attenuation problems.

On a side note, Clear provides Sprint WIMAX coverage in a lot of undocumented places and does show up on their maps -for example:

720 North 114th Street,

zip code 68154

Zoom out to see the Omaha metro area coverage.

An app called "Sensorly" also allows users to map their information into a world wide database.

Preferably, you want to test in relatively suburban or wide open park locations at high ground with little potential for hard core Radio Frequency Interference and a clear line of sight "view" to where the antenna should be located.

We are mostly trying to get away from high power transmitters and noisy unshielded electrical components and isolate down to just the influence of the phone and the WIMAX signal.  Once we add data to prove (or disprove) that 4G works, you can work on the other variables.

From a freshly reset phone (don't run any apps until after performing the tests, and be suspect of any apps that you cannot shut down or keep from starting)

Go to


-Wireless and networks

-WiFi - DISABLE (Uncheck because it overrides and is treated as a preferred connection over WIMAX)

-4G - ENABLE (Make sure the box is checked and the setting is accessible - if the option is ghost-greyed out, the 4G routine is crashed out or locked out)

-4G Stats   (EPN should be unchecked for the test)

-Scan for 4G networks (This is NOT automatic like it is for EvDo and you MUST force a SCAN to connect each time that you lose your Wimax signal for an arbitrary period of time more than about 10-30 seconds.)

Report the results and what you see the phone and screen do.

You should see the indication under the 4G / checkbox change from "Disconnected" to "Scanning" but beyond that is anyone's guess if your phone has problems.

You might also note that I am bypassing the widgets.  They have been known to crash out due to some poorly written add-on android apps.

Once you have proven that you can successfully connect, then you can expand into how, where, and with what apps that will not crash out the connection.

Good luck.


Re: Photon 4G Debacle over EVDO- rev A and WiMax

Thanks for your reply! During my last six moonths of trying to resolve this issue, p I had to do the preceeding above test already, I have also recently seen a a sprint tech to which to the best of his ability he was not able to resolve the issue. I did play with my Photon in some advance fields, I reset  several things thru the phone and  i noticed a couple of things,  and that the  device is permently stuck in recieving cdma. I also found that changing some of the data setting cuased my phone to either not to get singal or to increase data through put. An example of this is instead of recieving my normal 30kbs download and 9kbs up load, i acheived 560kbs upload and 680 kbs download consistintly, also i noticed that the device through it entry point of wimax only starts at -89dbm i changed the threshhold first down to -55dbm to confirm my supscions of the setting and have yet to move it. I wil be moving it soon to see if the threshold is causing issues for the broadcom radio not to recieve singal, so far my supscion is hold true as the device has not gone back to think it has 4g when it indeed does not. At this point thru reseting and mapping sources as i work all over denver I have already tested what you have mentioned and thru the tech with in sprint found that the defualt settings falsely produce a WImax singal when in fact the device is only recieving EVDO Rev-A. For those reading this EVDO REv-a is not Wimax nor is it LTE. The fact that my device believes that it sees Wimax though it is picking up 3rd Generation software is an issue I believe related to its software and/ or hardware.

At this poinbt after my testing and considering all my options in regaurds to testing and diagnostics it is highly possible that the device does not recieve 4G. Further After speaking with some sprint Techs in Aurora, Co 80012 (or its vicinty) 6 towers have been completely removed and not replaced. This causes a sense of doubt in my current Service provider as its appearnt that sprint has been removing towers and bringing towers down even though there theoritical service clearly shows that they have 4G service in a selected area.

So with my test I can at least have a general idea if the device is functioning, I dont believe trusting the sprint mapping principal will be of much assistance as there is no way to say that my traveling of anywhere of about 80 miles in a day will lead exact results as at anytime sprint may, might have, or will bring there towers off line leaving to many variables to accurately test the theory that my device is being interfiered with a building or electrical EMF siganls which being a phone/ cable/ computer/ and all around maintance guy Im very aware of structrual and low to high voltage interfiernce and how it can effect a device like a phone as sprint piggy backs off qualcomm for its 3g (cdma) services.

Now ounce again im interested in hearing ideas that have a sound ability to test my device rather then performing basic (very basic) testing. If all this site has to offer is basic trouble shooting then i will be more then willing to just close this thread as I have niether the time nor the will to deal in tests that are basic and some of the most common sense pre observence prior to posting on a web site. As an old computer tech once told me  searching for support is the last thing you do....when no other options are availible and even tech support is stumped. Lastly for those interested in the settings that im manipulating I will be happier to share them in a private message i will not however post them as im learing the advaced functions of my device and settings that may or may not brick my phone, Which case if i do then that is on me as I did it ( btw im learning alot about the signal, device software, and settings... As i learned with computers I can only screw it up and learn what not to do but forever retain the knowledge what i should do.)


Re: Photon 4G Debacle over EVDO- rev A and WiMax

It's Sprint, what do you expect? No matter what the problem, they are unable to resolve them; lotta 1st rate lip service though. No meat, just alot of hot air.

I'm headed to Verizon as soon as my contract is up, because I no longer have any faith in Sprint whatsoever. They stink on ice.


Re: Photon 4G Debacle over EVDO- rev A and WiMax

I have the same phone.  It worked with 4G until about two weeks ago -- i can't tell from the comments whether your phone ever received 4G.  However if you solve the problem I would appreciate it if you messaged me and walked me through how to fix it -- as you know its extremely agravating to not have 4G. 

I think the likely answer is that they are taking the 4G towers down in favor of the 4G LTE ones -- I live in Los Angeles and I know for sure they are currently installing the LTE towers now, mysteriously my 4G disappeared as soon as they launched the program.  I can't confirm thats what happening though I have tried asking them on the phone they just say they are "servicing the towers".

Bummer as Photon 4G doesn't support LTE and also I don't want the 4Q as its not as slick.


Re: Photon 4G Debacle over EVDO- rev A and WiMax

I am sorry you are having a problem with 4g in your area.   We are supporting wimax until 2015 and the wimax towers are separate from our 3g and 4g Lte towers.  The 4g wimax towers were built and are owned by Clear.   Have you called customer service so we can get information on where you are having a problem and work to a resolution for you.


Re: Photon 4G Debacle over EVDO- rev A and WiMax

Okay, @14knight, just a note appearntly you missed my original comment. The device does not register WIMAX, just rev-A. Secondly appearntly you also missed the comment about trying to resolve the issue with the device both in a retail Corprate store as well as over the phone with a customer Rep. Tech.. If another reader is asking for help i can almost garauntee with certiany that you nor any at one sprint comperhends the principal that there is something wrong with the device.

Now that you are merging with Softbank I would hope  that several of your reps can pull their heads out of their behinds and actually attempt to resolve customers real issues. Secondly if you actually look at the photon 4g registry it has the ability to interface with 4G LTE, Of course wether the device does this is a seprate matter. On a side note, I have not been able to resolve the 4g never registering Clears towers as wimax, prospectively it has nothing to do with not getting a signal from Clear as I use clear service for home internet. So in fact it is the device and software. It is Sprints inability to provide quality products with dependible service that is being paid for by us the consumer.

If this Keeps up not even a proposed buy out of 70 percent of your stock is going to help Sprint. They will just loose money and bring another company to their knees. 14knight unless you can resolve the issue realisticly and not by a simple scraton or prl update and say the device is working dont waste my time or other readers. THE ISSUE IS ON THE DEVICES REGISTRY IN MY CASE.( SOFTWARE), not an issue with the signal that it recieves. Thanks for not reading the comments and more then likely wasting your time and my time with simple observations and slamming qoutes of when you no longer support WIMAX. Im sure readers will understand its sprint, first side step the issue and if pressed just replace....that will do pig, that will do.


Re: Photon 4G Debacle over EVDO- rev A and WiMax

What a rant!  Umm... 

"Secondly if you actually look at the photon 4g registry it has the ability to interface with 4G LTE..."

  • You should take a course in RF, a.k.a. radio frequencies.  The Photon chipset does not have a LTE radio, as LTE is a different radio access technology than WiMAX.

"...prospectively it has nothing to do with not getting a signal from Clear as I use clear service for home internet."

  • Sprint does not operate the WiMAX network that is used by Sprint's WiMAX devices, Clearwire does.  That's why 14KNIGHT explained those towers to be independent from the 3G and 4G LTE towers.

As 14KNIGHT stated and is public knowledge, Sprint is continuing its business relationship with Clearwire and maintaining the existing WiMAX service until 2015.  As a pessimist, that committment to 2015 probably ends in January, not December, but that's speculation.  Unfortunately, Clearwire stopped expanding its WiMAX coverage a long time ago.  The WiMAX service we get now is all we ever will get.

In conclusion, your Photon never will connect to a LTE network and your WiMAX service never will improve.

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