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Problem.. Text box hell with photon. Lost posts


Problem.. Text box hell with photon. Lost posts

One thing I noticed with this phone though is trying to type things like this here, the text that I am typing is hard to see. It sometimes will not show the bottom of my message where I am typing. This is very hard to deal with. If I use the little cursor thingee it still wont go down to where im typing. I don't think I ever had this prob. With the other phones, like the EVO or even my metropcs android phones. It is really hard to type in these text boxes like right now. Im not having an easy time complaining about the either.  Motorola are u listening?  This is a real bummer. Its like fighting a war trying to type this very message. Damn.. sometimes I spend 15 minutes typing a post only to have it lost or messed up. When u cannot see what your typing its a real bummer. Then there's the spellchecker that changes normal words into deferent words. (Deferent for example. I typed different )..

Anyways I hope Motorola is listening and can fix this issue, especially since this phone is aimed at business professionals who would not like having their time wasted writing something that screws up..


You may want to change your default keyboard and see.

I am using SwiftKey X and I am very happy. I got it from Amazon when they have it for free.

You can still get it for free from GetJar. Give it a try

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