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Something positive in this forest of negative


Something positive in this forest of negative

We just switched from Verizon to Sprint. We just wanted to post here and say that, so far, our experience has been great. Jimmy J McKenzie at the Concord Mills Sprint store (Kannapolis, NC) was extremely helpful and knowledeable about the plans, devices and discounts and even followed up with us later. We decided to switch services (and pay a large ETF to Verizon) because it was ecomomical to do so. We had been on their 1400 minute Family Plan. Our bill averaged $225/month. We each had Smart Phones (I had an HTC Thunderbolt and my wife had a Samsung Fascinate). Here is a breakdown of our Verizon Plan.

$110 for the plan including $30 charge for unlimited messaging. $29 for each smart phone's data plan. So before anything else, our plan was $170. This particular plan includes 10 "Friends and Family" numbers which allow a Verizon Customer to call anyone on that list and that ime is included in "Anytime Minutes".

We had 2 extra lines on our plan... so that was an extra $20... add insurance and the extra taxes and fees and that is how our plan cost $226/month.

Last week I called Verizon because we wanted to drop those extra lines (and pay ETF) as well as reduce our plan because we averaged only 300 minutes of usage in the previous 6 months. I didn't see the point in paying for 1400 minutes when we aren't using 1100 of those minutes.

I was informed by the CSR that if I reduced our plan, we would lose our "Friends and Family" slots and ultimately, we would only end up saving $40/month on our bill while incurring extra minute usage for calling our family in Michigan. The difference between their 700 minute plan and 1400 minute plan is $20/month AND the 700 minute plan doesn't include the "Friends and Family". What a crock of BS. We have been Verizon customers for YEARS.

We decided to switch to Sprint because after applying the prorated credit of the current months bill (which is paid in advance) the Verizon ETF was $461.

We chose the 1500 minute Everything Data Plan @ $129/month which allows us to call ALL mobile phones... not just 10 we add. In addition, the extra data charge for premium data is only $10/line.

$129 + $20  = $149.

Sprint bought both of our phones (Verizon does not buy phones) which essentially gave us a free Motorola Photon ($152 for the Thunderbolt and $64 for the Fascinate).

We are AAA members and Sprint also gives us a 10% discount on the plan amount for being AAA members.

Our bill ended up being $168/month after taxes and fees.

Net monthly savings is roughly $58/month. We gain the ability to call all mobile phones + an extra 100 minutes on the plan. Our contract with Verizon didn't end until May 2013... so if you add that up we saved 20 months times $58 = $1160 savings.

Well worth switching and paying the ETF.

Now... Verizon's 4G coverage and network speed certainly is better than Sprint's. However, that really wasn't a huge factor for us because we don't tether devices and we are home alot and can use wifi... though it's really not necessary because I have found Sprint's 3G to be DSL speed.

Lastly, we are very happy with our new Motorola Photon phones. The battery life is awesome if you turn off 4G when you don't need it. The battery life is better than both of our previous phones and I haven't noticed any issues with the network. I even watched a full movie on Netflix in 3G mode and didn't have any buffering or quality issues.

Just wanted to post our review and we hope that we continue to be satisfied customers.



Thanks so much for the great feedback! It's really great that you used a real life example of how Sprint really saved you a pretty significant amount of money compared to Verizon. I really enjoy the simplicity of our rate plans and all the features you receive.

Do you or your family members have any questions in regards to their equipment? The Motorola Photon 4G is a beast of a device and I'm really liking it thus far!



SprintCares Social Media Team


I'm a AAA member, but am not receiving a discount.  Can I sign up for this online or do I have to do it in a store?


The website will require you to have a email with the domain from the discount provider or you can use the faxable form on that webpage to fax your information over. I can also submit the request if you send me a private message with your contact number, account number and PIN. Thanks!

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