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Why can't I get data service while in roaming in the thumb area of Michigan?


Why can't I get data service while in roaming in the thumb area of Michigan?

I keep getting an error message that says "Mobile IP response error.  MIP error 67."  I regularly check for and update my PRL, Profile and Firmware, but the last two times I've been in the Forestville, MI area (about an hour north of Port Huron) I have been unable to get roaming data.  I do get phone calls and texts, but no email nor data service.  I've checked all of my roaming settings and they seem to be set to allow roaming data.  What gives?


To further qualify my question, this is an "Off Network Roaming" coverage area, according to the coverage map.


Good morning BLUEBEAR102,

I'm sorry to hear of your roaming issue that you are experiencing in your location.

To shed some light on ''roaming'', basically you are off of your home network (Sprint), thusfar utilizing one of our roaming partner's networks for connectivity.

A few things also contribute to whether or not your device sees the roaming signal.  Your network updates only update when you are connecting to home network (Sprint).  You will continually receive error messages if you are trying to update prl, profile, or firmware.  The only update that works over a WIFI connection is the operating system update. (Ie: Android updates>ice cream sandwich; Iphone 5.1).

In regards to data, if the roaming towers that you are connecting to have a data connection within the tower itself, only then you will be able to access data over a roaming signal.  As a work around, if you have a device that has a WIFI antennae, and you have access to a WIFI connection, you can then access data.

I apologize again for the frustration.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to let me know.  If you would like to include your account information including name and phone number please send over a private message to me.





I have updated my PRL, Profile and Firmware several times while in my home Sprint area, both before and after my visits to that area of Michigan.  My friend, whom I was visiting, had Verizon and an iPhone.  He, too, was in "roaming", but did have access to data on his phone.  That would make me think that I should also have been able to access data, even if we have different carriers.  And, unfortunately, no WIFI was available to us there.

What should my mobile network settings be in order to be able to get roaming data access?

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