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About to just pay ETF and get rid of Sprint . . .


About to just pay ETF and get rid of Sprint . . .

Getting really tired of my Photon Q and Sprint's terrible service.

Made several calls and customer service inquiries a few months ago. Was told Sandy is the issue, it took down towers, etc.

Here we are now, months later, same shitty service.

I finally started getting LTE in my area (Lower East Side, Manhattan), but it was only outdoors, and I'm pretty sure only one or two towers are turned on with LTE for testing.

I ended up having to disable LTE on my phone so it would stick to 3G, because half the time it was on LTE, I would miss calls and data connections just simply timed out...

What the hell is the point of paying for unlimited data if I'm only using 500mb a month?!

At this point, I'm seriously considering paying around $300, and switching to T-mobile (shitty reception out of city, but great wherever I'm normally located) or AT&T.

The HTC One is looking damn tempting to me, and HTC offered to pay at MINIMUM $100 if I trade in a smart phone.

I doubt there's anything Sprint can do at this point to sway my opinions. Unless they cut my service fees in half (lol, doubtful) or suddenly LTE goes live and actually works.

Right now,  I'm just waiting to see Jellybean on my Photon Q, and then make my decision...


Re: About to just pay ETF and get rid of Sprint . . .

Question for Sprint,

Once I terminate, and pay all ETFs. My Photon Q can be sold to anyone who wants to use Sprint right?
Might recoup some of my fees that way.


Re: About to just pay ETF and get rid of Sprint . . .

Not even a single response from Sprint... nice.


Re: About to just pay ETF and get rid of Sprint . . .

Classic, no response from Sprint... have to love it.


Re: About to just pay ETF and get rid of Sprint . . .


Will be calling T-Mobile later this week, gonna try and see if they'd be willing to buy out my contract from Sprint.

Might not be likely since they themselves dont even have contract plans anymore.

But worth a try.

Even if they don't, I'll probably end up paying ETF on my own before the end of summer and switching.

This is beyond ridiculous.

My recent experiences:

1. Every time I'm waiting for my bus (outdoors) on the corner of Park Row and Spruce St, my phone keeps jumping from 1 to 4 bars of eHRPD (ACTUAL 3G) but I can never get a real data connection. Everything I try to do times out.

I'm forced to make my phone stay on 1xRTT so I can use the internet at all. And this is a highly popular business area, right next to city hall in Manhattan... Service should be perfect here.

2. Walked out of the 53rd St and 7th Ave B/D/E Subway station in midtown Manhattan, was walking East towards 6th Ave (for the Halal cart food there, if anyone is familiar lol). Trying to meet up with my friends...

Same issue as in first situation, except this time I couldnt even get a call through. Every call I tried to make, it would fail, whether I had data on or not. Again, this is in a highly popular business/tourist area in Manhattan...

So really, what the hell is the point in paying for cheap unlimited data, if the service is so bad, that I barely use 1GB.

This month, I've used approx 400MB and my billing cycle ends in 8 days.

I'd be better off paying for the cheapest plans from ANY of the other carriers and getting throttled. Since their throttled speeds = Sprint's average speed.


Re: About to just pay ETF and get rid of Sprint . . .

Your not the only one...I finally upgraded to a 4g phone last month thinking I should have some coverage in NJ. No LTE even though they say there is some in NNJ. Not where I am. 3G just sucks. On my trip to Vegas last week, none of the airports had 4g. You would think Newark, Denver etc would have 4g, nope. Vegas didnt even have 4g. During memorial day weekend, 3g was so bad data wasnt even useable till about 10pm. Data would just stop and time out during the day. Luckly I have a TM phone(work) and that worked just fine.

If I knew how bad having a smart phone would be with sprint, I would of never upgraded. It was time for a new phone because my old phone would turn off randomly all the time. I had no idea LTE coverage would be non-existent or that 3g on sprint would be so bad. It just hurts running a speed test with sprint and tm on 3g side by side. In vegas had pings of 350ms and speeds would be about 100-300kb during the day if it worked. On TM, it would be 150-180ms and speeds would be 1000kb-2000kb. Same server.

Sprint, why are we paying 10$ for prem data? Your data is useless.


Re: About to just pay ETF and get rid of Sprint . . .

Yea, sounds like how my situation with Sprint was like...

Anyway, I went to T-Mobile and bought myself the HTC One.

Ran around with it for a day, and theres no question about it. Service is much better, no matter where I am. The only exception being some basements, where Sprint gave me 1-2 bars to make calls/texts or where I was able to roam on Verizon.

But other than random basements, T-Mobile has Sprint beat. At my desk at work in Newark, NJ, about 15 or so feet away from the nearest window, Sprint gave me 2-3 bars of shit slow 1xRTT. T-Mobile gives me 4-5 bars of 4G HSPA+

So today, I went back to the T-Mobile store, and finished off Sprint. Cancelled my account and switched my number over to T-Mobile. Officially free of Sprint now.

My mom and sister still uses Sprint though, they dont use data as much as I do so I guess it doesnt bother them. But I bought their current phones for them, so next time I'll make sure they stay away from Sprint.


Picture above: HTC One on T-Mobile vs Motorola PQ on Sprint.

The speed tests represents speeds I obtained at (in respective order) home in Manhattan w/ zip 10002, restaurant near NYU campus (downtown NYC), and office in Newark NJ 07102.

In that picture I didn't test the HTC One at work yet since this picture was taken the night after I just got the HTC One.

I did test the phone at work earlier today, didn't take picture, but I had basically the same result.


Re: About to just pay ETF and get rid of Sprint . . .

Maybe you should have checked Sprint website before buying. Website will give your reception area and if the phone you want to buy or the phone your about to buy, if it will have 3G or 4G reception. If you would have done this maybe you would be happy or might have bought a phone that would have been usable.


Re: About to just pay ETF and get rid of Sprint . . .

Have fun with T mobile if your complaining about Sprint . good luck!


Re: About to just pay ETF and get rid of Sprint . . .

I don't know where you live but there still is towers down here in N.Jersey.


Re: About to just pay ETF and get rid of Sprint . . .

Did you get good reception other than in cities that have a lot of signal bounce from the buildings infra structures consisting of steel girders instead of private homes or areas of private homes that consists of wood infra structures


Re: About to just pay ETF and get rid of Sprint . . .

Are you some kind of Sprint representative in disguise? lol, odd of you to try so hard, but anyway, I'll answer your questions.

1. I did check the coverage maps, you can check for yourself. Try zip codes 07102 (Work) and 10002 (Home). Both show supposedly perfect coverage.

2. T-Mobile has been great. Go look at my picture up there and check out the speeds. LTE just lit up where I work today actually. Got a max of 18/10Mbps Down/Up, much better than my typical 100/100Kbps Down/Up with Sprint...

3. I started using Sprint in September 2012, that's before Sandy took down towers. From then until now, service and speed has been terrible no matter where I go.

4. I will give Sprint credit for having service in the Poconos where one of my friends on T-Mobile had trouble. However, my data was still abysmally slow, where as my other two friends on AT&T had usable speeds.

But uh... it's kind of idiotic to blame Sprint's consistently terrible service on sky scrapers because: 1. no other carriers have issues with steel structures, 2. again, coverage maps show that I should get good signal in these areas even indoors, 3. us guys in sky scrapers are where companies like Sprint get most of their revenue from.

I switched to T-Mobile on May 30th, 2013. Cancelled my contract with Sprint on May 31st, 2013. I didnt need any extra time to decide, one day was enough to show me I definitely had to get away from Sprint.

It is now one full week later, and I am so glad I threw down the extra cash to get rid of Sprint and switch.

If you need more proof, go check the forum front page:

12 out of 20 threads on the first page are complaints about service and data speed.

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