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Android 4.0 (on the Photon Q) and AOL email push?


Android 4.0 (on the Photon Q) and AOL email push?

I just got the Photon Q and set up AOL email.  I saw the refresh options and went for the push.  It DID get me smoe emails, but then today (second day) it hadn't picked up ANY emails.  I did a refresh and got them.

Is this something with the phone, the OS, AOL or what?

I guess I can do a 15 minute refresh, but I was hoping to get it whenever emails came in... and likely using less resources than constantly polling.

(Update, but not an answerSmiley Happy

I DID the refresh earlier this afternoon, and now it did receive an email as it came in (an hour or two later).  Did the fact that I opened (or refreshed) the email start the app running, so that it is now available to receive email?


Re: Android 4.0 (on the Photon Q) and AOL email push?

Can't address your problem, but I have somewhat similar one that just started recently - undoubtedly a software problem.

► I had the 15 min refresh working - seems not to drain battery too much, and I liked getting emails more or less promptly - rate this as "acceptable".

► Then had odd issues with the phone in other areas - like what happens when my Chihuahua gets on my desk and dances on my keyboard, but on the phone I didn't expect this odd, wide and seemingly random range of trouble.

► Fixed all the odd settings, but now CAN NOT return to the 15 minute email updates. None of the other settings work...I do not get new email on the phone unless I update the email list manually, regardless of the settings or rebootings I've done.

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