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Cell radio turned itself off and wont come back on


Cell radio turned itself off and wont come back on

My wife has this phone. On friday afternoon we noticed that she wasn't getting my text messages while i was at work and the network in Kenosha is spotty at best now adays so figured that was it. After i got home we decided to go out for an early fathers day dinner since the step kids would be with their dad on Sunday. Once we left the house and her wifi disconnected her phone wouldn't connect to anything and we noticed it said no service. She asked if i paid the bill and i showed her mine was working fine. So i tried to call sprint for help on it and with the network condition i could kinda hear him but he couldn't hear me and instructed me to call back but we were about to eat so i didn't right then. While eating i was playing with it and for the hell of it tried to call my phone and got a message that said that airplane mode is on would i like to turn it off. I click yes and it says turning on cell radio for about a minute and then just goes back to the call log, i press talk again and it gives me the same messages. I called back on saturday and was told maybe it was the network, and i explained that standing next to my wife mine worked and hers didn't but the lady on the phone wasn't listening, called again on sunday.. Was then told a ticket would be put in for tier 2 to call me back since the steps that tech support were trying weren't working. It is now Wed and i haven't gotten a call back, i'm due for upgrades at the end of the month so i called yesterday and told them that i'm paying for a paperweight and how about changing my upgrade date so i can just go get new phones and move on. I was then told i have to wait 3 more days since it's not within 10 days the date can't be changed. I asked so what am i supposed to do since i've already been paying for service on a phone that can't be used. The lady then told me that there is "nothing she can do to help me and that i will have to wait 3 more days and then call back and they can help me move my upgrade date" Has anyone else had this problem on these phones (i use windows 8 phones so android isn't my thing) and is there a way i can fix it? Cause right now i'm half tempted to just move away from sprint if their answer is "we can't help you" when i'm giving them money for nothing and yes before you ask i do have the insurance on all my phones and always have


Re: Cell radio turned itself off and wont come back on


Thank you for reaching out to us and bringing this to our attention. This is not how we want you to feel and would hate to see you go after many years of loyalty. I'll be happy to look into your account in more detail and see what's going on. Please PM us with your name, number and security info. What type of device does your wife have and have you taken it in to a service center to have test ran on it? Let me know. I'm here to help.

Thank you

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