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Email won't get new mail after 500 emails


Email won't get new mail after 500 emails

This started yesterday after having the phone for about 10 days now. My email has over 500 entries listed. In my prior Android, the email was limited to 50, 75 or 100. I can't find where to set the limit here and it appears that it's not taking in more email even after I have deleted some.

Screen shows that its updated at the current time but no new emails. I've powered off and back on with no help. I've deleted 25 emails and purged from deleted items folder too.

This is POP3 email.


Sorry for the inconvenience. I duplicated the same path and couldn’t able to see any settings where you can change the email limit. I would suggest you to delete or remove the email account  and then re-load the email. Let me know.


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