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Missing Features in Photon Q Jelly Bean Update


Missing Features in Photon Q Jelly Bean Update

Is anyone else missing the "flick" features on the calendar and text application icons on the bottom row of their Photon Q's home screens? That's the two little arrows next to the icon that told you could flick out from the icon to see upcoming events or recent text conversations, etc.

Also - how do we enable Daydream? And how do we put widgets on the Photon lock screen? Or are these features disabled on the Photon?



Thank you for posting.  Have you tried unistalling the newest update and reinstalling it? To enable the DayDream feature  go to settings and then doen to about phone. Once your in the about phone/device screen tap repeatedly on teh android version until the Giant JellyBean  comes up. Then press down on the Jell Bean until your device vibrates and it has a game called bean flinger.  On the lock screen itself with the widgets that pop up already have you tried going to the lock screen setting?  Or tried holding down on the icon to change or add?  Please let me know.

Thank you,


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