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Motorola Photon Q Issues


Motorola Photon Q Issues

I got my Photon Q to replace the 1st gen Samsung Epic 4G.  I love this phone even more!

Exceptions are the bugs I am listing here.  Maybe someone knows the answers?

1a. in Chrome, i noticed there is no on-screen keyboard or voice search option when I select the search box at  I must open the keyboard to type.  Double-press home (enabled) brings up voice search and opens Chrome as configured.

1b. No voice entry either (pressing the mic button) when in Chrome.  Example for dictation.

2. When will this device get 4.1 Jellybean?

3. While using the keyboard, in this blog, I must hold the shift then press the key to get a capital letter or special character.  Other phones or configurations have a sticky shift so we can type with one hand, etc.

4. I experience Chrome exit when opening a new tab.  It did not crash, just goes back to home screen.  opening Chrome is in same state I was prior to close.

5. It appears that caps lock is not working in this page.

thanks in advance for any comments/response.



Re: Motorola Photon Q Issues

I tried rebooting the phone after submitting the above questions.

1a,b update: after rebooting the phone down, the on-screen keyboard came up when I started Chrome. Pressing the space-bar gave me the option for google voice input.  There is a confusing key on left (switch to numbers) has a pic of a mic.  this is dumb!

However, the on-screen keyboard would not come up when I entered this reply text box.  I have to open the keyboard.

4 update: Chrome is not exiting when I try to open a new tab.  Not sure what state the browser/phone is in to caused this bug before reboot?



Re: Motorola Photon Q Issues

THis are also my problems with the PhotonQ and on top of that.. The gsm simcard for international use is hidden. So after 16hrs of using it I went back to Sprint to change the phone....

And to make ot more rediculious is that inspite of the reported bugs with the photonq they still aksed me to pay for the fee of $35... It is not my problem that this phone is buggy...


Re: Motorola Photon Q Issues

Scott I completely agree I switched over from the epic 4g and love the feel and response of the Photon Q's physical QWERTY Keyboard as well. I am having the exact same problem you mentioned in 1.A. Touch screen pop up keyboard WILL NOT open up in the Google browser, I spent over an hour on the phone with Motorola's customer support team and they are saying that there are no issues with the phone from a hardware standpoint. I'm glad that I am not the only one with this issue. It's super annoying! Hopefully they come out with a patch asap or I will be switching over to the galaxy SIII! I will try to forward this thread to Motorola so that they know I am not the only one having issues with the popup keypad!



Re: Motorola Photon Q Issues

I have the same exact problems you mentioned. In addiction, and this wasn't an issue until the last update, when filling in text boxes such as the one I'm typing in right now, it wants to put in double letters and when I move the cursor to make corrections it will shift words around. Does this on the search bar for Google as well. Twice when typing this, I had to press the period key twice before it appeared. Ha did it again on the last period. and tthat one as well. and that one. and the the double "t" on "tthat" was not me either. Wow this is annoying.


Re: Motorola Photon Q Issues

#3) You're describing a CAPS LOCK key, I think...that's as close as we can get, I think. I'm still exploring replacement keyboards.


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