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Motorola Photon Q text problem with a twist.


Motorola Photon Q text problem with a twist.

Well, at least I think there is a twist.  My apologies for what may be a long post, but I'm going to try to be a thorough as possible.

Friday nite I bought 2 Photon Q's at a Authorized Retailer (think Blue and Yellow). Had them activated at the store.  Made a couple test voice calls and all worked fine. Didnt bother trying to text. Didn't even think about it either

At home, niether phone would send or recieve text messages. "Message not Sent" error appeared within seconds of sending a text. We have a Airave (second generation model that has worked flawlessly for 2 years).  Called *2 and spoke with rep and tried numerous yet futile updates.  Couldn't recieve a test text form Sprint either.  Read to the rep from several posts on this site and others regarding the extra ".com" well one of the handsets did have the extra ".com"  We corrected that, still no texting in or out. 

Was told to return to said Authorized Retailer to have them back up the phone and do a "Master Reset"  Not sure if this is the samething as a hard reset that I can do from the handset or not, but I digress.

Saturday morning both handsets while out of Airave range (by miles) texting worked flawlessly. Recieved the test text from the evening prior. Subsequent texts worked flawlessly also.  Returned home. Dialed *99 to confirm connection to the Airave, then sent a text from one to the other affected handsets, It worked, once. The reciepiant couldn't reply without the error message.  Subsequent attempts failed. Approx an hour later I got a text from Sprint congratulating me on my purchase with a link to a video. Link worked fine. Watched the video, well half of it probably.

We have tried third party texting apps. Same failure message appears.

All of the ## codes I have run across haven't worked yet.  I haven't returned to point of purchase because I've read enough to know that is futile.  All the "fixes" or "work arounds" seem to be from Sprint techs or reps.  I just cant seem to get ahold of one that has knowledge of this issue.

FYI to cover potential questions:

We acquired 2 Photon Q approx. 6 weeks ago and those 2 handsets have worked masterfully since day 1.  No issues what-so-ever.  Same location, same Airave.

All other operations; email, voice, data work fine.  Haven't tried picture mail.  I have noticed that under About Phone-Status- mobile network state is says disconnected if that means anything.

Looking forward to speaking with someone to get this resovlved.



Re: Motorola Photon Q text problem with a twist.


Wow, thank you for all of the information! I am excited to get working on this and do my best to find a resolution for you. To round out my research I will need a few more pieces to the puzzle:

¤ Is there an Error or Msg code at the end of the error?

¤ May I have you zip code and cross streets to look into your area?

I apologize for asking questions after you provided so much information, just want to get as detailed into this as I can for you.


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Re: Motorola Photon Q text problem with a twist.

Hello Ben, 

Thank you for the quick reply.

The cross streets are Wilson Rd and County Road 1050 East, Zip code 46112  This was checked yesterday and all is well.

We were able to generate Error Code 67 just ONCE out of may 100 attempted texts.

PM will be sent momentarliy with the requisite info I always see requested

Thank you again.



Re: Motorola Photon Q text problem with a twist.

Update to All.

Ben, in consult with Tech support, fixed the problem by updating Airave.

Thank you both.



Re: Motorola Photon Q text problem with a twist.

I'd also like to throw in an update to anyone who has had similar issues with their Photon Q not texting on the Airave. I read throgh this thread and saw that Rod was able to get his issue solved by working with Ben and an Airave tech in the thread above.  I sent Ben a PM asking if he could help me since I had the exact same issue.  He immediately replied and within a couple of hours had me on a three-way call with Bill, an Airave specialist.  They had tried pushing through an update to the Airave, but that didn't solve my issue. Bill checked with some of his peers and one who had knowledge of this issue told us what to do.  Give this a try if you're also having an issue:

(I apologize as I don't have the Photon Q in front of me while typing this, so this may be slightly off--I'll correct it later if needed)

Go to Settings/More Settings/Mobile Networks/Network Mode

You should see something like CDMA/4G selected.  Tap on CDMA only and you should be set.  This is what solved my issue, and hopefully yours too. 

Now, if you have 4G service where you live, you'll need to change the mode back when not on the Airave.  We don't have it here, so leaving CDMA selected all the time isn't hurting us.  Hopefully once 4G does roll out here, we won't even need the Airave.  We'll cross that bridge when we get there though.

Thanks to both Ben and Bill for helping me get this squared away, and for following up with me a couple days later.  Kudos to you both for excellent customer service!



Re: Motorola Photon Q text problem with a twist.


It was a pleasure working with you, and very informative speaking with Bill about what was going on. Please don't hesitate to rely on me for any further questions, comments, or concerns.

As always,


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