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Moving Apps with SD Card


Moving Apps with SD Card

I am used to my Nexus S 4G (current phone) and my Evo 4G previously, so bare with me...

My wife just picked up the Photon Q.  Great phone and she loves the keyboard.  She just purchased an SD card for it and I can go into storage and see the full capacity just fine; however I do not see a way to move apps to USB Storage on any app to help free up some space.  I even tried the App2SD app and it mentioned it would not work for the phone per error message.  The only option I am seeing is the option to move Pictures and certain media to the external storage - but not apps.  What am I missing or not getting with this phone?  Is this a Motorola change to Android or what?  I am just lost on this one.

Thanks for any help or explanation!

Sprint Employee

Re: Moving Apps with SD Card

I'm currently looking into this, I can say that this is not unique to the Photon Q, other phones that were released with ICS behave this way as well.

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