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Photon Q bluetooth stream to UConnect doesn't play correctly


Photon Q bluetooth stream to UConnect doesn't play correctly

My phone will pair correctly to the Jeep UConnect system, but when I switch UConnect to play through bluetooth the system automatically starts the Google Play Music app on the phone regardless of what I really want to stream to the car speakers.  For example, if I want to listen to a podcast I switch the UConnect system source to bluetooth where the Photon Q is already paired.  The last song I played on Google Play Music begins to play automatically.  If I begin playing the podcast both the podcast and the song play over the speakers.  I can't stop the Google Play Music song without stopping the podcast, too.  This doesn't happen with other phones.  Is there a setting on the phone that I'm not setting correctly or a different procedure that I need to follow?  Thanks for your help.


Re: Photon Q bluetooth stream to UConnect doesn't play correctly


I am sorry to see that you have been having these problems! Have we attempted to delete the connection from the phone and the care, then re-pair the units? Prior to pairing them again, I would reboot the phone and also ensure that the software is up to date for the U-Connect. Let me know if this helps, I am here for you!

*Andi R.
Sprint Social Care Team
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