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Plugged phone into computer - now it won't charge


Plugged phone into computer - now it won't charge

Alright, basically, I had a perfectly functioning phone and plugged it into my computer, using the original sync cord and the same USB slot I always use. However, today that caused both my computer and phone to reset instantly.

I tried reconnecting them with no luck, and now my phone won't charge in a wall either. I've tried multiple chargers, and verified that they worked with different phones. Strangely enough, when I use my original sync cord/charger, the lock screen actually displays the text 'not charging'. Does that mean it recognizes the USB still? I tried two soft resets and that didn't work. I'm out of ideas. I've turned off the phone currently to preserve the battery life it has left.

I guess my question is, what now?


Re: Plugged phone into computer - now it won't charge


Thanks for the post. Sorry to hear about this. What was running on the device? Was the device rooted? Is the computer working fine now? If the device does not allow the charge I suggest taking it into a service and repair.


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