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Update kills SMS and Voice?


Update kills SMS and Voice?

Phone works great, then I updated yesterday, now no SMS/Voice.

-Called Sprint, first CSR had me shut off the phone, then did their thing and turn it back on. No-Go

-First CSR dumped me to Tech

-Tech has me shut off phone, they did their thing and turn back on. No-Go

-Tech has me access ## menus check names and passwords, reset device, reprovision. No-Go

-Tech then declares their probably is an outage in my area due to Sandy (the towers were finally affected yesterday morning?), and they'll put in a ticket and call me back on Friday.

-Sprint Zone voice test. No-Go

-Tried to use phone in following zip codes yesterday-19026, 19064 

-Meanwhile second Sprint phone (Palm Pre) on other account has no problems so I'm using that for texts and calls, and they are crediting my first account, but does anyone have any ideas?


Re: Update kills SMS and Voice?

"I spent an hour on the phone last night to get the same problem fixed.  NO LUCK.  Support said I would get another device in the mail in 2 to 3 days." -MSGTORD4944

"After receiving the UPDATE on Nov 6, 2012 my phone service has been completely shut down. My Data connection works fine but the wireless voice connection doesn't work at all." -mikenav84

"I just updated to the latest software this morning. (77.8.10.XT897.Sprint.en.US)  And now my phone can't make or receive phone calls or text messages.  Is any once else having this problem and/or know a fix." -Lappodog12

-In two instances it was resolved by Sprint with a simple fix.

-In two instances it was not resolved by Sprint with a simple fix.

From Android Community article:

"did the update disable any one else's text messaging?"

"Yes, haven't received any texts since I updated"

-Two instances; resolution unknown.


Re: Update kills SMS and Voice?

I am in the group where calling Sprint fixed it. 

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