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crappy phone


crappy phone

i am having the same problem as most i cant send picture mail or recieve n i cant set music for the phone ringtone only a contact and the battery usage doesnt always show in the circle


Re: crappy phone


Thank you for providing us this information.  Could you specify the exact problem you are having making ringtones.  Are you using the stock application to do so or have you downloaded another application?  What file source are you using to make the ring tones?   Also, if you could answer the following questions regarding MMS, it would be helpful.

1.  Are you having any issues accessing the web when you have MMS issues?

2.  When your picturemail doesn't download, is your Wifi on?

3.  Does your issue happen everywhere or just at home?

4.  If just at home or within a 10 mile radius of home, please provide me with our city, state and nearest cross streets so I may review your location.



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