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no lte access for the 3 weeks or so


no lte access for the 3 weeks or so

so i have already posted this, but it was refused. so here i go again. started service about 2 months ago and the first month was great. then, about 3 weeks ago(right about the time my cancelation period expired) i lost lte service. at first it was intermittent, but now i can hardly even pull 2 bars on 3g. When i bought the service, the sales guy talked up the lte speed and was very adamant about it working great and not being spotty. he said he had yet to find an area he couldnt get signal. since my service at the time seemed to support that, i believed him and was very happy. now, i am having issues just trying to get my phone to place a call without having to redial half a dozen times or getting dc'd. I have done every possible fix i can find here and elsewhere on the web. I have reset to factory defaults in hopes it would fix it and all i got was my backup being corrupted because it couldnt maintain signal long enough to complete. i lost all my contacts, apps which i had spent real money on, hundreds of pics of my kids, and pretty much everything that should have been backed up. called CS a couple times and walked through their suggestions. They checked the towers in my area and according to u guys i should have lte service anywhere within 20 miles of my home store. Yet when i look up my coverage, the map doesnt show lte access anywhere near me. Ur CS dept. did not see any issues or outages in my area, but told me to call back if it didnt fix itself. I've checked every possible setting on the phone and nada. under 4g status it says no provider available and my address is i entered into a contract with the understanding i would have lte access. My first 2 bills were both $140ish with maybe $30 combined in app purchases. Im definitely getting charged for lte access. I've tried contacting my home store itself, but keep getting routed to call centers in back East and Bangladesh. I have used Sprint in the past and ur 4g speeds were great a year ago. I feel extremely conned. Even if i wanted to just cut my losses at this point i cant cause ur gonna hit me with crazy ETF's. It seems more than a little suspicious and convenient that i lost lte service within a few days of cancelation period ending. And based on the hundreds of posts from others having the same issues, i know im not alone. Yet, for all those hundreds of queries, i have yet to find an actual solution or cause for that matter. lots of i understands and pretty vague replies from the CS staff though. so, im going down my home store tomorrow and hopefully someone down there can give me a straight answer. Personally, based on the other issues i'm experiencing, i think its either this last update or the phone itself. now, i keep getting stuck in these endless loops of the PRL repeatedly updating and cant tell if its actually doing anything or not. course, even though i pay for insurance, i cant use it for the first 6 months of service. honestly, at this point, id rather take the ding on my credit score and get sent to coolections than continue to pay for a service that according to ur coverage map isnt even available near me. i am so just ugh! over the CS's noncaring attitude and total lack of concern for the quality of services that u claim to offer. hopefully i can get a strong enough signal to actually post this.


Re: no lte access for the 3 weeks or so


Allow me to check your area to see what may be taking place there. Please provide your zip code, two cross streets, how the device is set under network settings (CDMA, LTE, Auto or CDMA/LTE) and if you are having more issues indoors or out.

PRL updates are only effective if you are having an issue with roaming. Were you instructed by a store employee to perform a factory reset?

Jon H.

Sprint Social Care Team
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