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screen waking up


screen waking up

I have noticed over the last month that my phone will be sleeping, then wake up like I have a notification. Yet, theres nothing.  It will do this usually about every 5min. It will stay on for about 30sec to a min and then shut back off. (this happens even when its locked). Ive tried uninstalling the apps that I installed, and it still does it. Ive also tried rebooting and it still does it. Please help!!! Its so aggravating, in addition to using my battery life.


Re: screen waking up

Good morning,

I see your post. Sounds like you have already completed some of the basic steps that we would be able to do over the phone/internet. Have you tried to take your phone into a service and repair center to have it looked at? You can find the closest one and make an appointment to minimize wait times by going to Let me know if you have any additional questions.

Thank you,
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