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9/27 - Motorola XPRT Software Update - Gingerbread 2.3 - 4.5.1-110-KNS-46


9/27 - Motorola XPRT Software Update - Gingerbread 2.3 - 4.5.1-110-KNS-46

Motorola XPRT™ Software Update - 4.5.1-110-KNS-46   


- Gingerbread 2.3 Android OS

- Sprint Application Version updates

- Email UI fixes

- Contact UI fixes

- Fix to color backgrounds (remove red)

- Improve EAS GAL Search

- Improve EAS First Sync timing

- Fix Forward /Reply markers to original email

- SMS fix when using () in SMS body

- BT toasts when syncing contacts improved

Important Notes

- The software version is 4.5.1-110-KNS-46

- Refer to the Motorola XPRT™ Software Updates blog for install instructions          


I updated and now my phone will only pick up sprint towers... even if it is set to any cdma.  I travel thru roaming areas and have no service at all now.   Check to see if it is staying on Sprint only.  Even when I set to cdma it switches right back to Sprint only.  Only fix is to wait for a "fix" to come out..or they will offer an exchange phone which is what I am reluctantly doing..since I travel a lot. 


How can I return my Xprt to it's original OS?

CS & Sprint Store unable to help so far...


When you set it to Any CDMA, turn off the data guards and warnings, back out of that menu with the Back button and don't go back in. It seems that when you get to the menu that shows the CDMA setting, it resets to Sprint Only, even if you don't go one more step further into the menu to change the setting.

Also, you probably have to set this every time you reboot the phone.

As far as reverting to Froyo after it's got Gingerbread, there is no way. The update changes the bootloader and if the Sprint store tries to re-flash the phone to Froyo, it will kill it.


Thanks!  I'll try that...

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