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Guatemala - SIM and data


Guatemala - SIM and data

I brought my Motorola XPRT with me when I recently moved to Guatemala.  Bought a local SIM card and have phone service here (two common brands are TIGO and CLARO).

I am having problems with text, and can't get internet, even when the local company 'sold' me the data plan.  I asked the sales person at the Guate phone store, and he just looked at me blankly since they don't sell the Motorola.  And, customer service here is pretty thin.

Plus, of lesser importance, the phone#s all format to the US style (10 digits) instead of Guatemala style (8 digits). 

Is there an unlock code to get my phone to do data and text?


Re: Guatemala - SIM and data

I don't have an answer to your question but if you don't mind I'd like to ask a Q about the voice service in Guatemala. My wife is going there & taking an unlocked Xprt to use just to make calls if needed while down there. What are the costs for the cards & rates to call the US? Thank you if you can reply.

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