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Motorola XPRT™ Software Updates

VersionRelease date
Description of Enhancement/Fix

- Gingerbread 2.3 Android OS

- Sprint Application Version updates

- Email UI fixes

- Contact UI fixes

- UXD fix to color backgrounds (remove red)

- Improve EAS GAL Search

- Improve EAS First Sync timing

- Fix Forward /Reply markers to original email

- SMS fix when using () in SMS body

- BT toasts when syncing contacts improved

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- CDMA Settings

- Dialing International voice calls with 1+ while on the Sprint network

  (dialing from the US) and while in domestic roaming mode

- Sending SMS messages with more than 160 characters

- EAS PIN support

- Email marker to indicate if a message was replied to or forwarded

- Voicemail issue associated with phone number swaps on existing devices

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---------------    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

- Fixes error message showing multi-media message (MMS) resend action

- Corrects truncation of message when an email is sent to a text message address

- Notification pop-up on ability to disable suggested contacts setting on PC during EAS set-up

- Adds update profile to Sprint Zone

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KRNS-X4-1.1.46/5/2011Initial Release

Important Notes

- The installation process will take approximately 7 minutes to complete

- Your phone will be unable to make or receive calls during the update

Update your software

  1.  At the Home screen, tap Menu, then tap Settings

  2.  Scroll up and tap About phone

  3.  Tap System Updates

  4.  Tap Update Motorola Firmware

  5.  Phone will check for updates

  6.  If updates are available, an Update available screen will appear to download the new software

    * If there are no updates available, the message Your device is up to date! will appear; tap OK

  7.  Tap Download to continue

  8.  When download is complete, tap OK

  9.  The Install Update screen will appear to complete the installation; tap Install now to continue

10. The phone will reboot (turn off and on) on its own

11. The message Update Status – The software update was successful! will appear when the update is complete

Check the software version on your phone

  1.  At the Home screen, tap Menu, then tap Settings

  2.  Scroll up and tap About phone

  3.  Scroll up and software version is displayed under Build number

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