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Phone Shutting off


Phone Shutting off

I have had the Motorola XPRT for less than two months and just recently it has started to power off for no apparent reason.  When it happens the only way I can power it back on is by putlling the battery and waiting about 45 seconcs and replace it and it will power back up. Becoming a real pain and has anyone experienced the same problem and if so were you able to resolve the issue.


Re: Phone Shutting off


Go into settings >>> about phone and scroll down to make sure your phone is using the latest BUILD, which should be KRNS-X4-1.1.5

If you are NOT using 1.1.5, then goto this page to update your phone:

Motorola XPRT™ Maintenance Release - KRNS-X4-1.1.5


- Fixes error message showing multi-media message (MMS) resend action

- Corrects truncation of message when an email is sent to a text message address

- Notification pop-up on ability to disable suggested contacts setting on PC during EAS set-up

- Adds update profile to Sprint Zone

Important Notes

- The software version is KRNS-X4-1.1.5

- The upgrade takes approximately 7 minutes to apply

- Refer to the Motorola XPRT™ Maintenance Release blog for install instructions

Also, check out the Motorola Forums here:

Use the search function within the forums to look for words like "reboot" or "sleep of death."

Actually, there is a great topic on sleep of death in the Photon section.

Good luck!


Re: Phone Shutting off

Yes this has been common for Motorola XPRT and Photon. I experienced this perodically and upon reading some blogs one mentioned that it could be the battery when it gets hot the phone shuts down. I went to a sprint store and they replaced my battery and since i had no issue. After changing the battery i also received the latest update so not sure what did it but i suggest it was the battery.


Re: Phone Shutting off

Yes, they say it's a battery problem...but don't expect much support. I have replaced the battery 3 times and the phone once. The new phone powered off in less than 30 minutes. And don't ask for a different phone...they will only keep giving you the same piece of crap phone over and over.


Re: Phone Shutting off

I am on my THIRD Xprt since April. I am starting to have the same problems I had with the previous two. DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE

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