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Xprt Android 2.3.5 update issues


Xprt Android 2.3.5 update issues

My Xprt has the following issues:

Less than half previous battery life (yes, I went through and killed everything possible)

Youtube app crashes, usually with a "Force Stop" message

Browser crashes/disappears while in use

Numerous apps re-configured

Battery Status/Indicator missing

Icons changed

Ringers re-configured

Gallery crashes

Email had to be re-configured

I'm sure I could find more but I've given up on doing anything else with this phone!

Was a very happy customer until this update ruined my phone and even more displeased with Sprint's response to these problems, with CSR's blaming Motorola, Android, and some unknown other 3rd party vendor(s)  Why the update when everything was OK?

Four calls to Sprint and a trip to the store waiting :40 minutes only to be told nothing can be done with these issues and they are unable to return to the previous OS (despite Tech Support telling me the Corp. Store could change it back)

Was offered an early upgrade, but today I logged on only to find out it's at a substantial cost. $200+ to get an equivalent phone.

Is this how Sprint treats customers now?

Can Sprint step up and take care of this?


Other than the icons changing, this is not normal. I updated mine over-the-air and had none of these problems. (It died a while later, but that was a hardware problem, not a software problem).

They are correct that it can't be changed back to the prior OS version. But the a corporate repair store should be able to re-flash it 2.3.5 onto the phone. If that doesn't cure it, it's a hardware problem and it would need to be replaced.

FWIW, if you really like the XPRT, there are lots of them on eBay and they're going for $50-$80 in really nice condition. Find a seller that guarantees a clean ESN and you can swap it for your old phone on, no upgrade or contract extension.


I'll look into this as well...

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