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Motorola i1 Software Updates

VersionRelease DateDescription of Enhancement/Fixes

- Browser no longer reverts back to Webkit after radio is power cycled

- Calendar events created Office 2003 can be edited

- Ability to increase font size in the email application

- Ability to download applications from the Google Market

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- User can get PTT calls while busy in data

- Ability to increase font size in the email application
- Hotmail Performance enhancement provides ability to better process mail

  over iDEN
- YouTube application support
- Out of Range PTT IDs can receive PTT calls from users on the same fleet
- Remote Password Reset allows Care to auto reset a phone if lost
- Consistently delete emails from trash folder
- Pattern lock (keypad lock) as password for Exchange policy.
- Presented with Gmail login screen when selecting "Forgot Pattern" after an

  incorrect pattern entered
- Ignore touch speaker button while in dispatch call and proximity sensor active

  to prevent Field feedback
- EAS-APP authorization when '\userSmiley Tongueasswd' is sent by the client
- EAS-APP ability to sync when user name contains a space
- Google Voice numeric and +1 dialing issue
- Google Voice Recognition Fails due to length
- MP3 Music Playback Issue
- Populating UA Prof in Android Browser
- Phone screen stays locked if other party ends call issue
- Touch Screen generating false gestures or taps issue
- [Call Alert] Incoming alert from unsaved number shows PTT # twice issue
- [Group Connect] Typo in "invalid group size" error message issue
- [Auto Reply] Auto reply messages are MMS for inter-carrier issue
- WiFi indicates 'Turning On', but never changes state
- MyNextel Address Book template pushes not being received correctly
- Charging with phone OFF is showing incorrect percentage
- Photo, see location, no marker issue
- Email notification sound coming through during PTT Call
- Get multiple alert sounds when powering on device
- Personal Portal: MMS sending show message twice
- Check Developer: maps MyLocationOverlay issue
- Opus and Yahoo! pop email issue
- Camcorder and Sound recorder have very static background noise
- Personal Portal: can't use email address to send
- R0FF0 Reset
- Personal Portal: can't respond to MMS that came in from email
- Personal Portal: auto refresh clears the compose field
- Device power cycles when a QVGA file is streamed
- Migration from PPG to DPS issue
- Sprint Zone Version # to be Updated
- Check Solution for "Too Many Attempts" password fail - phone locks

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RBE.01.027/23/2010- Intitial Release

Important Notes:

- Customers cannot make or receive calls while the download is in process

- Over the Wire update cannot use Nextel Online (NOL) Network; must use a Wi-Fi session

- The OTA (over the air) update can be inititiated by the customer following the steps below; There may not be a notification

  pushed to your phone indicating an update is available.

Update your software Over the Air

1.  Go the the Home screen

2.  Tap Settings > About Phone > System Updates

3.  Follow the on-screen instructions

Update Your Software Over the Wire

1.  Go to the Home screen
2.  Click on Settings/USB/Memory Card
3   Keep the phone tethered to the computer and Download the Software from the Motorola website

     to the Root Directory of the phone.
4.  Set up a Wi-Fi Session (Note: The Software can only be downloaded through a Wi-Fi session; cannot use

     the Nextel Online (NOL) Network
5.  Tap Settings/About Phone/System Updates

6.  When going to system updates the phone will check if WiFi available for over-the-air download and if not
       available then will check root directory on SD card

Check the software version on your phone

1.  Go to the Home screen

2.  Tap Settings > About Phone > Trace Mode > Unit info > Software

3.  The build number and software number will show you the version on your phone.

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