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Motorola i1 - hybrid phone?


Motorola i1 - hybrid phone?

Does anyone know why the new Motorola i1 is a Nextel only phone. Seems like a waste of a phone putting it on the inferior cell tower service of Nextel. Any idea if they are going to make a hybrid version of this. I want to upgrade, but only if the cell phone is on the Sprint Cell Phone Network and the Direct Connect is on Nextel. why did they stop doing this. if you have one of these phones you know how different Sprint and Nextel phone coverage is.



know what you mean. I upgraded to an i1, but the reception sucked in my location. Have had and ic902 for about 2 - 3 years and have always had good luck with it except for being able to receive business email. Went back to the 902. It would be great if the i1 had the same hybrid characteristics as the ic902. Why cant Motorola get it right? I have always cinsidered their phones to be the best available until now.

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