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Alway getting security change

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Alway getting security change

For the last few months now ive been constantly getting the "We've updated our security select a phone number to send an 8 digit code to"...normally this wouldnt be an issue just an extra step to take but first off i do not have a phone on my account so i cannot text it to myself and secondly it also constantly changes the site im accessing sometimes itll work properly and show that im the account holder then others itll just act as if im just a user its honestly getting quite frustrating because i only access the online to view usage and to check upgrade elibility on my lines

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Here is what we know as of 4/25/17:  


Passwords:  Customers may be required to change their password if they have not logged in to My Sprint for a few months and/or under certain other circumstances.  In very rare cases, some customers may have to show I.D. at a store.  You should only have to reset your password one time during that process.  If you are being asked to reset your password repeatedly, we need to know about that and have your specific account issue investigated.  Please post in this thread for assistance.  


Secondary verification process:  For the time being, customers can expect to verify via SMS or email code when accessing their My Sprint account and/or performing certain activities.  These activities can include but are not limited to logging in to your My Sprint account, paying your bill, viewing or changing preferences.  Logging in with a dynamic versus static I.P. address is one of the factors that affect how often and when you'll be prompted but it's not the only factor.  There may be times when you'll have to go through the process more than once in the same visit to the website.


I acknowledge that this is not a best case scario nor is it particularly user-friendly.  I hope that at some point, we find a better way to secure your information, but for now, this is what we have.  


If you never receive the email code, please check your Spam folder.  Lots of folks send our stuff to Spam (no hard feelings) and some spam filters pick it up just because.  If you checked your spam folder and still don't have it or if you requested via SMS and the code never arrived, please post here.


If you never ever ever receive the SMS or email code, we need to know. 




I am marking this the Accepted Solution because the question is answered.  The Accepted Solution mark is not meant to indicate that an unpopular decision or activity has been reversed or changed, it means "We have an explanation or the accurate answer for what is happening."  In this case it means this is what is expected and how you can tell if something is not working as designed.  


Additionally, Accepted Solutions are embedded in the first post of every thread and therefore quick link to the most accurate information we have, even if that information is not popular or convenient.


I am going to close this thread to further comments and open a new one so that we can investigate what we know to be system problems.   If you are having one of the issues mentioned above:  repeated password resets, unable to reset or unable to receive the SMS code, please post here.


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I encourage you to post your questions on the community, give Kudos when earned and always mark the correct answer as "Accepted Solution".

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Not just you.  Very frustrating. Sprint's website has been atrocious the past few years.  It constantly errors on multiple browsers.  I thought the security change would end once their website update was done, but no.  Bleh.


This has been happening to me for weeks. EVERY single time, if I log in 20 times a day I have to do this 20 times. Same computer, same network, same browser (though I've tried multiple locations, ip's evertyhing and nothing changes.)


This is insane - our username and PW is sufficient like every other more secure site (banking, IRS, etc) and they can always do ONE added security check per new device if they need to. Why every time? This is ridiculous


Trying to get an answer from chat or FB is like talking to a robot. Every response comes from someone different who hasn't bothered to read previous messages and cuts and pastes gems like instructions on how to do exactly what we have been doing for 3 weeks - thanks so much for that award winning help.


First they said it's a website glitch, they are aware of it and it's being worked on.


Next they say its permanent, for EVERYONE!


Last they said it's permanent only for SOME people....


Anyone from Sprint willing to research this and figure out what is really going on?




Thank you so much for sharing your feedback with us. We are focused on protecting our customer’s personal and account information and your online security is very important to us. There are many factors that can drive this identity validation, but the leading driver is logging on from a different device, this may also occur when checking out on sprint.com and remaining idle for more than 120 minutes. At this moment it is not possible to disable this verification step from your online account, please accept our apologies if this causes any inconveniences to any of you.


@ RpriddyII, I would like to look into this further, is the SMS verification code being sent to another subscriber on your account?




Sprint Social Care.




Sprint Social Care Team.

Like I mentioned to the last 3 people who cut and pasted that form response - NO, it's not any of those things. It is not a new device (its a PC and the same one I've used the past year daily to log in to my account.) Not a different browser. SAME exact one I log into 2-3 times daily for 1+ years.


So now if I log in 5 times a day from my home pc I have to do this FIVE separate times. This is insanity. The IRS doesnt do this. Banks do not do this. Medical sites do not do this. This is completely ridiculous. One time for a new device is fine, EVERY TIME FROM THE SAME DEVICE IS a glitch.

Yes I send it to the only subscriber i have constant interaction with always the same number...but i log in from my own device that is on a different account

We would like to report this issue to our Specialize Tech Support Team. Please check your inbox and reply to the private message that I just sent you.



Sprint Social Care

Sprint Social Care

I assume you did not mean me, as I have no message - is there some way you can take a report for this to tech support or can I?

I am also getting this same security page. Not only does it keep asking over and over, but its not even secure. In the past month or so I have been trying to get into the Sprint site and it wants to send a security code. When it sends the code it ONLY works with the default messenger app on my phone that I dont use so I never get the code. On top of that I still havnt applied the code and I have been let into the site on occasion, then sent back to the security page again a few minutes later. That isnt secure at all! How can someone log into a site to pay for a bill when you cant get in?



I wouldn't mark this 'solved'.  Nothing has been solved except venting our frustration with Sprint's ridiculous glitches/security policy

Hello everyone.

We understand that some customer are having trouble accessing Sprint .com

Sprint is focused on protecting our customer’s personal and account information and your online security is very important to us. That is why Sprint has implemented an additional security check to protect customer.

We are happy to report and help you fix the issues you are having when trying to log into Sprint.com. Please send us a private message. Just click on my name and then select "send message" 



Sprint Social Care

Sprint Social Care


Instead of just cutting and pasting generic canned replies over and over (that are incorrect) how about actually LISTENING to what the issue is and getting the  correct department involved


NO one is having trouble accesing sprint.com


MANY people are getting repeated (every time) pin requirements where the 8 digit pin is texted that you have to enter. Every single time, from the same device. It's not a security thing. It's happening CONSTANTLY


It is not an "additional security check" it is a GLITCH. When someone uses an industry standard username and password like all other sites, on a pc and browser they've been using for years, multiple times a day, there is no need for a repeated 8 digit pin to be texted




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