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Alway getting security change

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Alway getting security change

For the last few months now ive been constantly getting the "We've updated our security select a phone number to send an 8 digit code to"...normally this wouldnt be an issue just an extra step to take but first off i do not have a phone on my account so i cannot text it to myself and secondly it also constantly changes the site im accessing sometimes itll work properly and show that im the account holder then others itll just act as if im just a user its honestly getting quite frustrating because i only access the online to view usage and to check upgrade elibility on my lines

gorditto11690, hey! Hope you’re doing well today. What problems exactly are you experiencing? Are you getting the same error code posted above? Are you unable to login because of the username or the password? Are you receiving a different error message when you try to login? Please provide us with more details regarding your issue so that we can provide you with the resolution to it.

Sprint Social Care Team.

My exact error message reads as follows...." Oops! Double-check your username and password. Capitalization counts. You will be locked out for 20 minutes after too many attempts. ", and yes this is the exact username and password if have used for the past five years.

gorditto11690, please try to reset the password following these steps;

  1. Go to www.sprint.com and click SIGN IN.
  2. Select Forgot my password.
  3. Enter the Username then click Submit.
  4. Enter the billing ZIP code, last four digits of the account owner's Social Security number, and EITHER account PIN OR security answer then click Submit.
  5. Enter and confirm the new password then click Submit.

If the page does not recognize the username, select Forgot my username. (The username can be retrieved to either the Sprint phone number or the Email address associated with the User's profile.)

If neither of these options work, please reply to the private message I sent you, so that I can look into this issue further.

Sprint Social Care Team.

I have not used my pin number in years, and i am being told that my answer to the security question is wrong. I will be paying my bill using the android app on my phone, until my contract expires in a few months, and evaluate my available options if the current situation has not improved.


gorditto11690, we don't want to see you leave over something like this. There is a way to get your security information, you may go to a Sprint-owned retail store with valid ID to update your PIN and security question/answer.

You can find a store and plan a visit using the Sprint Zone App on your smartphone, or on sprint.com at sprintstorelocator.com

Sprint Social Care Team.

I have posted before about the constant security updates, I see that you added another method to receive the 'code' (email) thank you - however, when I choose to send the code to email - I get a secondary screen and I am still waiting on that code to be emailed 25 mibutes later....(URL: https://mysprint.sprint.com/mysprint/pages/secure/resetpassword/validateSecurityDetails.jsp ) to confirm my identity further with billing zip code, last 4 digits of SSN, PIN, and security questions.  


 I have reset both my accounts numerous times, I've lost count.  I only access my sprint via chrome not on my mobile device.  PLEASE fix this, let me select 'remember this computer' and STOP putting my account through uneeded security steps over and over.  I changed my password before today and before that and before that and the first time the site made me do it, that should be enough!!!

Every time I try to log in to sprint it says "we've updated our security and need to send you a passcode to verify"... something along those lines. I don't understand why I have to wait for an email with a code just to view my account. It's super annoying. There is no reason it should be this difficult to log in

This is unbelieveable!!!!


Now, there is yet ANOTHER STEP!!!! When you log in, it  brings you to the which number do you want the code sent to - there's an added email option, but you still have to choose one. Then another page comes with a FORM to fill out including four digits of the account holder SS (which MANY PEOPLE WILL NOT KNOW AS THEY ARE THE ADDITIONAL LINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) as well as the account pin or security question and zip.


THEN and only then if you get it right, you have to enter the pin (and you can't cut and paste, you have to type it in)


Funny, you can log into the IRS and similar sites and get none of this!

Hello lupey_01.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this has caused you. We are aware of the issue with the site and are working to resolve this as soon as possible.

Sprint Social Care

Hi lupey_01.

We would like to take a closer look at your account. We sent you a Private Message, please reply to it at your earliest convenience.



Sprint Social Care

Just want to add my additional frustration to this thread... They seriously don't care, being a service provider myself this kind of service would get me fired. These large companies simply don't give a *** about us and use us to beta test which is SUPER wrong.


Last month I couldn't log into My Sprint because they apparently upgraded their security. Even after going through the proper methods the site is stuck in an infinite loop on insisting I have a code sent to my phone or email and change my password EVERYTIME I TRY TO LOGON. I am clearly meeting the password credentials or it wouldn't get past the form.


This is extrememly frustrating and after trying to get it squared away for 2 hours on the phone last time with a rep that clearly wasn't worth a sack of beans I just gave up. Now, again I can't pay my bill or use the website because it's still doing it. I think maybe to get attention to this issue I should stop paying my bill entirely. 


This is a problem with Sprints website. It is not a browser problem (I tried the big 3), it's not a cookie problem on the client (I know I tested and traced it), it's clearly something wrong with processing on their web servers.

Hello HumbleSage1.

We can see how frustrated this issue is making you feel. Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention. We are aware that the page continues to redirect you to send the security code. We are working on this issue as we speak. Please give us a little more time to resolve this issue. Thanks for your patience.

Sprint Social Care
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