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Can't Login to Sprint Account/Broken phone - can't receive verification code


Can't Login to Sprint Account/Broken phone - can't receive verification code

I have been trying to log in to my Sprint account in order to activate my new phone and/or update services.  The phone i have on my account is completely broken and wont even turn on however when i try to log in it tries to send a verification code to said broken phone in order to continue to log in and view my account and make changes.  I have been on the phone with Sprint twice about this.  Both times i was told they would work to resolve it and yet still i am unable to log in. It wont let me activate my new phone manually due to a locked sim card to receive the code.  Can someone please help?!?

Sprint Employee

veritas816 - That's an easy fix. We'll need to temporally change the security setting and have the verification code go to your email address. This will require that we access your account. Send us a Private Message when you have a chance.

Sprint Social Care

I am having the same problem.  i need verification sent to email as i have no working phone.  How to send a private msg??


Is there another active line on the account? 

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