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Great Marketing, Terrible communication site


Great Marketing, Terrible communication site

Why is it that I have to wade through countless ads and questions from Sprint just to pay my bill or access my information? It is like this with almost every telecommunications company. I don't want to be your friend, or be a part of your family, or want your unsolicited suggestions, or take surveys for you for free. I want you to provide the services I pay for, nothing more, nothing less. It takes close to 15 minutes to do anything on this site (quicker to use snail mail). I texted in your pop-up chat window that I will ask for help when needed and the agent just totally removed the "chat icon". Now I can't chat, it's gone....and please, don't "High Five" me when I'm trying to figure out how we can afford to keep our service active.


Sincerely, onephoneuser

Sprint Social Care

Re: Great Marketing, Terrible communication site

Don't worry, I'm here to help. You need assistance paying your bill, along with getting access to your information? I can assist you with that. Can you send me a secure message? 

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