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I meet all the device unlock requirements but still my unlock request was refused.


I meet all the device unlock requirements but still my unlock request was refused.

Hi everyone,


I have a one plus 7 pro 5G, Which I purchased 3 months ago. Since I will be travelling a lot within few days now I called sprint for unlocking my device. But all the representatives(phone/chat) refused my unlock request saying that my device needs to be active for more than 50 days. I did make an insurance claim and got the replacement device on Jan 20. 


Also, I am reading some other posts with similar problem  here in the sprint community and somebody has said "Even though you have a replacement phone, that phone will inherit the original phones time spent on the Sprint network.".  If this is true then I think I should be eligible for getting my phone unlocked.

Thank you so much!!

Sprint Employee

Hello @MilanKarki. I can help you with you with this. By any chance, do you have any proof of the replacement? Such as the receipt of the insurance company, any invoice? Also, is the device paid off? If so, send me the account holder's name, phone number, security PIN or the answer to the security question, along with the old IMEI and the new IMEI. Click on my name and select "send a message".

Sprint Social Care

HI @Sprint_Kryshna  , 

Thank you so much for your response. This is the first time I got an assuring response from someone.

Yes I have sprint complete on my phone. I think I can provide you something from Asurion. And yes the device is paid off.

I am PMing you now.


Once again thank you so much.


Hey @MilanKarki! I just responded to the PM we got from you. Please check your inbox.

Sprint Social Care

Hi I have responded to your PM. Thanks!

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